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5 South Indian Recipes That Are Easy & Quick

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5 South Indian Recipes

If you’re someone who loves trying your hand at different recipes but is a bit lazy, these south Indian recipes have come to your rescue. From the sweet delicacies of south India to the healthy breakfast options, we’ve brought some mouthwatering dishes you’d love to try at home and your family would love enjoying them.

Amla Uttapam 

Not a very common one for sure, amla uttapam is as delicious as it sounds. Giving you the right dose of carbs you need and vitamin C, this is an easy to make south Indian recipe. This dish can be made using dosa batter or rava or suji, you will also need amla chutney or finely chopped amla pieces. One can either have it as breakfast or dinner, it’ll satisfy your hunger and taste buds. 


If you love noodles, you’re going to love Idiyappam too. Not savoury, this sweet dish is made of rice or rava noodles mixed with coconut milk and boiled with sugar and cardamom powder. This traditional recipe is cooked in south Indian households for special occasions like festivals, ceremonies etc. But one can enjoy a bowl of sweet and soupy Idiyappam any day. 

Pal Payasam

A popular sweet dish in the southern part of India, Pal Payasam is cooked on special occasions like Onam and for sadhya meals. Milk, sugar, and rice is all you need to make this lip smacking dish. One can also add cashew nuts, pistachios, and almonds to add that extra hint of flavour and crunch. Payasam is rich in protein and gives you the right amount of carbs you need.  

Neer Mor 

Neer mor or spiced milk is a drink that is consumed in summer in south India. Each region in India has its own way of making this summer drink, in north India it’s called chaach. What makes this drink spicy is the paste of green chilis and crushed black pepper. To add a distinct flavour to your neer mor, you can also add roasted and powdered cumin seeds.  

Idli Kanchipuram 

This traditional south Indian recipe is so popular in down south, and now you can also try making Idli Kanchipuram at home. Coated in cumin, pepper, and ginger powder, these idlis are spicy and flavoursome. Kanchipuram idlis are traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets. Some basic ingredients you will need to make this mouthwatering dish are asafoetida or hing, rava, soaked chana dal, green chillies, ginger powder, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. 

We hope you loved these south Indian recipes. If you want to share your own recipe with the world and other home chefs around India, make sure you sign up for this awesome recipe sharing platform