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3 Must-Have Services When Starting a Website

Building a website of your own is a tough task if you do not know where to begin. From brainstorming a name for the website to finding ample space on the internet, there are more things to take care of than people actually realize. From hosting plans like shared web hosting services to a quirky name that latches on to the user’s brain forever, it takes more than will and money to run a website.

But, with the advancement in technology and features in the current times, it has been easier than ever to operate a website. The only condition is knowing all the right things required before you start. Here are three must-have services that every future website owner needs to know.

Domain Name

If you are planning to build a website of your own, you will need a domain name. What is a domain name you ask? It’s the name of the website that people are going to search for. For example, when you need to search for something, you visit Google’s search engine website. In layman’s terms, it is the identity or the address of the website.

The domain name you are going to choose will have a major effect on how it is going to be received and performed on the internet. Complex names are harder to remember, hence you want to look for a name that is easy to remember. 

Further, the name has to be relevant to the goal of the website. Avoid using your personal name as your website’s domain name unless you are a known personality or if you are building a website around a famous individual. Keep the name unique as well, you do not want a duplicate name, as your audience might get confused and might visit the other one in your name.

Domain Name Extension

The next thing you need is the right domain extension for your domain name. These extensions are the end part of your domain name and were generally used to categorize websites based on their functionality when they originally came out. Now they are divided based on location and purpose.

Most common domain name extensions include, “.com, .in, .org, .edu” and so on.  Go for the relevant one for your website, for example, if you are focusing on an audience that is located in New Zealand, you can choose an extension that particularly targets that region. While a website that targets worldwide users should focus on .com.

Hosting Service

The next important thing you need for your website is a hosting service. Consider hosting like a digital space on the internet, where your website will stay till the time you have a hosting plan. Without a web hosting service, you cannot operate a website, all you will have is a domain name.

Hosting services are also necessary to start building the website itself using the various types of CMS available in the market. If you’re new, try to go for WordPress, as it is quite easy to operate. Now there are multiple hosting services available to purchase. 

For example, if you are just planning to build a landing page for your business, you can go for shared web hosting services, as they are cost-effective and require low maintenance. If you are building a shopping website for your business, you can use dedicated hosting services. 
Similarly, if you are planning to start a hosting business of your own, there are cPanel reseller hosting services available. These three are a must-have to begin your online journey.