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3 Key Reasons to Hire an eCommerce SEO Company

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You may have noticed that it’s becoming more difficult every year to maintain your positions in Google without paying attention to your search engine optimizations. With growing competition and more stringent content guidelines for what Google considered “rankable,” it’s certainly no easy task to get and maintain page one status for your most important keywords.

If you have noticed a downward trend in your analytics, or simply want to start growing your online business properly, it may be time to hire an eCommerce SEO company. A skilled agency that focuses on SEO can build a campaign for you that will help you get seen on Google, which will translate into traffic and sales over time.

Want to make your mark in eCommerce? Here are 3 great reasons why you should think about investing in a knowledgeable SEO company to head your digital marketing efforts.

Traffic That’s More Likely to Convert

One of the best benefits of eCommerce SEO is getting more qualified traffic. It’s one thing to generate more traffic to your store, but is it converting? An optimized marketing strategy can help you to create content that resonates with your audience better, and can also improve the way your products rank in Google, which will help bridge the connection and create more conversions for you.

To build your business, you always want to be performing certain steps to help you get more traffic, but at the same time you also want to be aware of how your traffic converts. High-quality traffic is far more valuable and is worth targeting over just any old user surfing the Web.

Increased Brand Visibility

One of the side-effects of good SEO is better visibility for your brand. When you are growing your business, one of your goals needs to be raising awareness about your brand and helping people who may not know who you are, find you and see what you are all about. The more brand visibility you have, the more likely a shopper is to take you seriously and consider you in a purchase.

The better your SEO is, the more you are likely to show up in a wide variety of searches, including image searches. Over time, users will begin to associate your brand and products with the industry and their interests, which translates into more authority for your business and overall better performance in terms of your business.

Save Your Business Time and Money

When you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to your digital marketing, it’s very easy to waste a ton of money. Even if you are somewhat skilled with SEO, unless you have a comprehensive plan in place and plenty of spare time on your hands, you will likely be wasting resources and time trying to do everything yourself. There’s a reason why competent SEO agencies have a multitude of different experts on their teams that all work together simultaneously on several areas of a campaign, such as content creation, technical adjustments, strategy, and backlinking, just to name a few areas.

If you want your online store to succeed, you have to make the best decisions possible, and that means making good use of your time and money, which are the most important resources you have as a business owner. Instead of trying to manage your SEO campaign on your own, let a skilled agency take care of everything for you. They will know what to do to get the best results, without you having to lift a finger.

A veteran eCommerce SEO company such as 1Digital® will be able to provide your business with what it needs in order to get ahead. Contact them today and ask what they can do for your store.

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