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10 Best Payment Gateways to Choose for Your Android App

Payment Gateways

So you’ve custom-built your app, and users are pouring in, but now you need to process payments and charge credit cards. This can be a daunting task for anyone who isn’t an expert software engineer. Here are 10 best Payment Gateways to choose for your android app or website.

Don’t worry, though. Your native language doesn’t have to be code for your app to have the most effective mobile payment gateway possible. Internet-based companies dealing with digital payment options have more support than ever with handling virtual cash-flow.

Businesses like 888 Casino Canada operate entirely online and don’t miss a beat when processing payments, no matter what device their users are playing from. There are mobile payment gateways for every type of business, so with a little research, you’ll find one that fits your company’s needs. 

Finding the best payment gateway is one of the final touches for your app. Expert Kevin Cochran (more about the author) emphasises the importance of a well-functioning service to support your business and customer base. So we’ve compiled a list to help break down the best options for payment services.

Here at the top 10 most popular payment gateways to use for your Android app.


You’ve put months, maybe years of hard work into designing your eCommerce app. Match that hard work with a service provider who has a reputation for reliability.

Paypal is one of the best pay apps for Android, and it’s recognised worldwide. It supports 26 different currencies. So even if your customer base is outside Canada, they’ll still be able to use your app.

After a small start-up fee, PayPal offers a free payment gateway for Android apps. Your customers will never get stuck paying processing fees or charge percentages to Paypal.


Some companies, like online casinos, deal with large-scale transactions and substantial cash deposits. For businesses like this, consider using Dwolla software to handle the payments. They charge a fixed $0.25 fee for each transaction over ten dollars. Even better, transactions less than ten dollars are free to you and your customer base.


It is a fantastic payment gateway for eCommerce businesses. EziDebit will complement your existing eCommerce software plan. It offers secure, scalable services for companies dealing with a variety of transaction sizes.

EziDebit designs its pricing plan to fit your needs and the level of service you require, so you’ll never be overcharged for something you won’t use.


Another trusted payment portal, Shopify, offers custom plans that are charged monthly.  You’ll never have to tack processing fees onto your customers’ bills.

Shopify software even comes in various styles and formats to blend seamlessly into your company’s branding.  Don’t sacrifice style for service. Get both with Shopify for your Android app.


Braintree provides payment services to some huge companies that have household names. It comes with reliable service and fraud protection. Whether your app is designed to charge one-time-occurring payments or subscription fees, you can use Braintree to collect from customers with ease and confidence.


Zooz rates are extremely high, with positive user experience reviews. It’s a simple installation for app developers to incorporate into existing software, and it’s even easier on the user-end. Zooz saves customer info so returning buyers can go through a speedy checkout, and you can get your cash fast.


This is another excellent mobile payment gateway for companies operating beyond the Canadian borders. It’s functional in over 20 countries, yet it still manages to maintain high bandwidth speeds. Stripe offers multiple payment solutions to fit the design of your existing business model.

Square Capital

Square Capital is another favourite amongst eCommerce entrepreneurs. This payment gateway operates in five countries, including Canada, but they plan on expanding worldwide.

Transactions speedy through Square Capital, with deposits being made daily. They offer a secure payment platform that is on-par with industry standards, so you can feel safe using this gateway.


Paytm is another fast service provider that will deliver your money in just a few hours. You won’t have to wait around to see money in the door, and there are no start-up fees for first-time users. They charge a flat rate for every transaction, an affordable 2.5%.

If you’re dealing with frequent, small transactions, this is one of the best pay apps for Android.


This payment gateway installed in your app in less than an hour. It’s easy for developers and users, but what you’ll love the most is global compatibility. 2Checkout always delivers high-quality service with intense cybersecurity on the back-end.

Your Android App’s New Payment Gateway

You need a reliable payment method for your company, so choose a pay app that will make buying a breeze for your customers.