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Why Powertrac 434 Tractor Model is The Best For Indian Farmers?

Powertrac 434 Tractor

Powertrac tractor is the best tractor brand that provides excellent performance with all the modern features. It is the most-liked tractor brand in India. The company has useful tractors and farm equipment for all purposes. Powertrac 434 is one of them which is made with modern technology. It is a 34-hp mini tractor that has a powerful engine. Powertrac tractor model manufactured according to the small farmer’s demand. 

Why Farmers Always Choose Powertrac 434 Tractor?

434 Powertrac is perfect for all Indian weather or climate conditions. It has high demand among small farmers. The farm tractor completes the entire farm operation with innovative features. Besides, Powertrac has a modern style and design that attracts Indian farmers. It provides high torque backup, adjustable seats, high fuel efficiency, and use accessories. 

The Powertrac 434 Plus is an efficient tractor across all Powertrac models, as it comes with top-quality features and specifications that make it stand out from other Powertrac tractor models. The most popular model in the Powertrac 434 Plus tractor range is called the Powertrac 434 Plus. The 37 HP tractor is part of the Powertrac.

It has a 37 HP engine that runs at 2200 RPM, based on the engine’s specifications. It has a single clutch, this engine is linked to a complete continuous-mesh transmission. Two back gears as well as eight forward gears within the gearbox’s 10 speeds. In forward gears, this gearbox can achieve a top speed of 30.6 kph. It also allows 10.2 kph when reversed.

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Powertrac 434 Plus price is Powertrac 434 Plus pricing ranges from at Rs. 5.20 lakhs up to 5.45 Lakhs.

Powertrac 434 Plus Price in India:-

The cost for Powertrac 434 Plus starts at the price of Rs. 5.20 lakhs and up to 5.45 Lakhs. There is a power steering option with this model, called the Powertrac 434 Plus, which increases comfort and productivity in the field.

Toolboxes are an additional alternative for the tractor. In addition, dual-clutch and oil-immersed brakes are exclusive options. This exclusive feature in conjunction with the attractive graphics makes this tractor a popular and economical choice for farmers.

Powertrac 434 Plus review

Powertrac 434 Plus Tractor is a 37 HP tractor that produces PTO Horse Power of 31 HP, and 8 forward gears, 2 reverse gears. The Steering kind of this tractor is called Mechanical or Power Steering. Brakes come in Multi Plate Brakes that are Oil-Insulated DISC and the lifting capacity is 1500kg

Powertrac 434 Plus tractor mileage

Powertrac 434 Plus provides excellent mileage on both sides of the road, and also into fields as well. On the road, the mileage of this tractor isn’t available. On the field it’s the mileage isn’t available.

Powertrac 434 Plus Highlights

Powertrac 434 Plus comes with 37 HP, a 3 Cylinder engine that has a 2146 cc capacity. The tractor has a type of Air Filter that is an oil bath and Water Cooled cooling system. It comes with a Single Friction Plate Clutch as well as full constant mesh transmission. 8 Foreward Gear, as well as 2 Reverse Gears, give the user a smooth operation. 

Powertrac 434 Plus is equipped with Multi-Plate oil Immersed disc brakes as well as a 1500 kg lifting capacity. Tractor tires offer extra comfort when it is used during farm work. The tractor has a 6 x 16 Front Tyre and a 12.4 28 X 13.6 28 Rear Tyre with the 2WD Drive type.

Powertrac 434 Tractor Specification 

  • The model has a 2146 CC engine with 3-cylinder power. 
  • The Constant Mesh with Center Shift provides work excellency in the field. 
  • Its lifting capacity is 1500 kg which lifts heavy implements and loads. 
  • Automatic Depth & Draft Control helps the tractor with equipment attachment. 
  • The mechanical steering with Single Drop Arm provides effortless working. 
  • The Multi Plate Disc Brake of the tractor provides high grip and low slippage. 
  • Powertrac 434 tractor price is Rs. 4.95-5.23 Lakh*.