Why Powertrac 434 Tractor Model is The Best For Indian Farmers

Why Powertrac 434 Tractor Model is The Best For Indian Farmers

Powertrac tractor is the best tractor brand that provides excellent performance with all the modern features. It is the most liked tractor brand in India. The company has useful tractors and farm equipment for all purposes. Powertrac 434 is one of them which is made with modern technology. It is a 34 hp mini tractor that has a powerful engine. Powertrac tractor model manufactured according to the small farmers demand. 

Why Farmers Always Choose Powertrac 434 Tractor 

434 Powertrac is perfect for all Indian weather or climate conditions. It has high demand in between the small farmers. The farm tractor completes the entire farm operation with innovative features. Besides, Powertrac has a modern style and design that attracts Indian farmers. It provides  high torque backup, adjustable seats, high fuel efficiency, and use accessories. 

Powertrac 434 Tractor Specification 

  • The model has a 2146 CC engine with 3-cylinders power. 
  • The Constant Mesh with Center Shift provides work excellency in the field. 
  • It’s lifting capacity is 1500 kg that lifts heavy implements and loads. 
  • Automatic Depth & Draft Control help the tractor for equipment attachment. 
  • The mechanical steering with Single Drop Arm provides effortless working. 
  • The Multi Plate Disc Brake of the tractor provides high grip and low slippage. 
  • Powertrac 434 tractor price is Rs. 4.95-5.23 Lakh*.