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Why is Fire Extinguisher Important at Your Homes?

Why is Fire Extinguisher Important at Your Homes

Nobody knows when a fire can break out; therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary measures to ensure protection from fire and all related hazards. This starts with ensuring that you install fire extinguishers at your property that are in perfect working condition.

The fire extinguisher will serve as your immediate defense against fire and can act as an essential means of protection in case of any emergency. Extinguishers are an integral part of your home fire safety plan, as they can save lives and property by completely extinguishing or suppressing fire until the fire department arrives. 

Also, remember that fire safety experts advise that a fire extinguisher must be used only after making sure that everyone else has left the building and that fire department has been called. Therefore, it is equally crucial that after installing one, you get each unit inspected and adequately tested by calling the professional fire extinguisher services.

So, here are some important reasons why you should get a fire extinguisher installed at your place.

Always Be Ready to Fight Fire

You never know when a fire might break out, and this unexpected hazard could cost you your home, livelihood, family or life. Therefore, it’s smarter to avoid any risk and always keep a fire extinguisher handy at all floors of your house,

Also, properly maintained equipment that is ready for immediate use when required is the best to fight fire whenever necessary. 

Keep Fire from Turning into big disaster

A fire extinguisher contains chemical substances that are intended to control or eliminate fires by releasing a jet of gas, water, foam, or other materials.  Thus, when these portable devices are used properly, they can effectively help in preventing a fire from turning into an uncontrollable disaster that can become extremely dangerous within less time. 

Makes you Compliant with Local Rules

Nowadays, most of the local and federal regulatory authorities require you to keep your fire safety options up to date, which are reliable and can effectively protect you in case of a fire. By installing an extinguisher, you can comply with all these rules, laws and regulations as well.

Help Protect the Environment

Not just your property or your loved ones’ lives, the blaze coming from uncontrolled fires that may have originated at your property can become an extremely harmful threat to the environment.

Massive fires tend to release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and can harm the environment in the long run.

So, if you have fire extinguishers in your house, you can prevent small fires from growing into hazardous ones. Thus, you can significantly contribute to protecting the environment from the fire blaze and can give yourself and your loved ones a safe environment to live. 

Which are the best areas to keep a fire extinguisher in your home?

Why is Fire Extinguisher Important at Your Homes


Since the kitchen involves a gas stove and other activities involving the use of grease, the primary areas to have an extinguisher installed is the kitchen area of your house. It ensures that in case of any grease fires, you can put them out immediately. However, remember to not place the device near the stove or such equipment to prevent the flames from reaching it. 


At least one fire extinguisher is a must in all your home’s bedrooms, especially if they are on different floors. Though these are considered the least fire-prone areas of a house, you never know when a fire can originate from these areas. Therefore, it’s always safe to keep your defenses ready during emergencies to protect your family’s lives.

Other potential areas

Other “fire hotspot” areas of your homes like fireplaces, furnaces, and locations of multiple appliances, or electrical panels should also be equipped with fire extinguishers. Devices near such areas with sources of heat and electricity can come handy to quickly prevent the spread of fire to your entire house that may have originated from these areas. 


Thus, fire extinguishers and their regular maintenance by professional services are more important than you think. Install a fire extinguisher today as it is the first step to ensure the overall safety and security of your life, property, and family.