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Home » Why Formulas For Success in Slots Are Worthless And What to Do Instead

Why Formulas For Success in Slots Are Worthless And What to Do Instead

Success in Slots Are Worthless

If there was a secret formula for online jackpots, online casinos would go under. Still, many gamblers believe that a magic trick can help them secure the biggest jackpot. Here is the bad news: no secret formula exists. On the upside, you can improve your chances by using research and common sense.

It goes without saying that choosing the right casino is the first condition for success. Sites reviewed by are operated by legit providers with multi-layer security. You need to be sure that you are personal data and deposits will be safe. Next, consider the tips below. 

Success in Slots Are Worthless

1. The Only System Is Randomness

Slots are games of luck, and they are based on random outcomes. RNGs define the arrangement of symbols on the reels every time you click the button. Every outcome is independent, it is not affected by your past decisions and does not define the future. There is no predetermined sequence of events  you could exploit. When an RNG picks a number, there is no rhyme or reason as to why this happens.

Finally, if the creators of those secret programs really came up with a system to win unlimited amounts, why would they offer it to you for $30? The answer is obvious —  their theories are bogus. 

2. Maximize Spins

You do not have to bet the maximum amount to qualify for a progressive jackpot. The size of the wagers does not matter, so it is the frequency that helps you get closer to the goal. Thus, choose an affordable betting level and focus on getting the most spins for your money. 100 spins at 1 credit are better than 10 spins at 10 credits, while your expenses are the same.

3. Choose Volatility Level

Games with the biggest jackpots pay out less often than slots with more modest prizes. This is known as volatility or variance. To find the best balance between the size and frequency of winnings, choose a game with a mid-range payout.

4. Reinvest Winnings

If you have been playing slots for a while, you should know that the base game brings smaller payouts, while the best winnings are available during bonus rounds. If you want to get a better chance of the big win, reinvesting your winnings in free spins makes sense.

5. Never Exceed Your Spend Limit

Never wager more than you can afford to lose. Losing feels frustrating, and it is tempting to start chasing those losses with new bets. Instead, take a break and resume playing when you feel refreshed. Bankroll management is a must.

Success in Slots Are Worthless

6. Read the Pay Table 

Finally, some slots come with specific features, such as “nudge”. When there are several paylines, it helps if you know which of them bring the most money. This way, you will know which lines to target. While you cannot affect the odds of getting them, clarity makes the gameplay more enjoyable.