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Why Do I Need a Wildlife Survey or even a Bat Survey?

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Why do I have to have a wildlife survey?

Have you been asked to supply a wildlife survey, a bat survey or an ecological survey report as part of a development that requires planning permission? Get a lot more facts about

There are actually currently a lot of laws, each European and British, covering protected species which include bats, dormice, otters, badgers and great crested newts. These protected species are ‘a material consideration’ when planning authorities are taking into consideration granting planning permission. For this reason planners must have enough data in regards to the wildlife on site to ensure that they could take right account with the species present and assess the impacts on them just before granting planning permission.

It really is usually better to think about wildlife at the outset of your project to avoid delays in each the granting of planning permission and probable delays if protected species are later found on site. It can be vital that you get a professional ecologist to assess your site and give advice at an early stage inside your planning of your project. If a wildlife survey report accompanies a planning application can normally speed up the process of deciding on the planning application. Some planning authorities will not accept planning applications without a wildlife report as well as a complete suite of surveys carried out if which is deemed to be expected.

A complete report of your habitats and species on site, which includes these which might be protected, is ready following a site visit, by an expert ecologist. Assistance is provided inside the report on what mitigation may be supplied to assist minimize the impacts on wildlife and possibly even deliver wildlife gain. In the event the impacts on wildlife is considered too excellent then it really is attainable that the planners will reject your application either till further survey is carried out or they’ve consulted with All-natural England with regards towards the impacts and mitigation.

Do you personal some land and need to encourage wildlife?

A survey can inform you what wildlife you’ve in your site. This information is often used to help you make a decision how to handle the site.

A full survey report is ready like species and habitats present and management concepts and approaches you can encourage wildlife for the site. We are able to also prepare a management program if needed.