Why is a Ceramic Coating better than Waxing my Car?

When you think about it, that drivers are still using wax on their car when a ceramic coat will do, it’s enough to make your head spin when you come to understand what ceramic coatings are all about: longterm paint protection, baby. At DoubleTake Auto Spa, we stopped thinking about wax as the preeminent shine tool once ceramic coatings came across our radar, in fact, we totally embraced them as the superior product they prove themselves to be each and every time.

See, wax by nature sits on the top of your car which is fine for the first couple of days, but every time you wash your pride and joy, some of the wax is removed until after successive washes you have no wax at all! Your ride back to the original dullness you thought long gone.

Good thing DoubleTake Auto Spa is well versed in all things ceramic, here to save your shine just in time, or at least before you decide to wax your car like before. See, with ceramic coating you get to pick the timeline, it’s all up to you. Do you want your car protected for six months, two years, five, ten years, or even lifetime protection? It’s entirely up to you! Pretty cool, hey? Yep! We not only think so, we know so.

How does ceramic coating work? It bonds to the vehicle is how. It’s actually engineered to stay there for the aforementioned timeline of your choice. In direct contrast, wax washes away, the shine you worked so hard to produce dissipates over time until it’s Gone with the Wind, the dullness back like a cranky old friend. Plus, a ceramic pro coating brings out the best in your paint, a high shine, near extreme in its expression, but more importantly, the sort of shine a car enthusiast drools over.

You can also forget about wasting hours on a weekend wax and shine, as the hydrophobic feature of a ceramic coating makes it an easy breeze to clean your vehicle. All you need is a cloth and five minutes, cool hey? Yes, it really is that simple because a ceramic coating means dirt and grime no longer stick to your vehicle, simply wipe away with the most minimal of effort (think beer in one hand, cloth in the other.)

So, why not get complete protection, the works for your vehicle. A layer of ceramic protection for the body of your ride (i.e. the paint), then why not add it to that the rims, the windshield, front and side windows.

Lastly, and it’s a fair question, but why choose DoubleTake Auto Spa? Well, other than we’re the best, carry the confidence to say such a thing, can you believe we’ve done over 500 flawless installations (we can.) We can also state with pride that we’re now a Ceramic Pro Flagship Auto Spa. Oh, and since we’re having this discussion, we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, plus we happen to have the most customer reviews of any installer in the whole Bay Area! Hey, bragging is so unbecoming, best just come in and experience the DoubleTake Auto Spa difference for yourself.

See ya soon!

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