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Why are Escort Agencies Expanding in Switzerland?

It is important to understand the phenomenon that has been happening in Switzerland for some years now. With prostitution, which has been legal since 1992, sex workers have become numerous since the years 2010 as the profession has become more democratic. Support groups such as Aspasie in Geneva or Fleur de Pavé in Lausanne support prostitutes mentally and physically as well as financially.

Luxury escort girls in Switzerland can be found in agencies such as , the reference directory for French-speaking Switzerland. The desire for these women is to earn money in order to make business projects. Most of them wish to be supervised in structures such as luxury escort agencies for the network that their bosses have had for several years. It is a contact accelerator for these girls who need to earn money at any price.

That said, there are not necessarily only interesting women to recruit for these agencies who deplore the lack of seriousness on the part of the girls who offer themselves. Looking banal, some of them walk around the meeting during the hiring meeting with a neglected or even depraved look. This is not at all to the taste of luxury hostess agencies in Switzerland unfortunately.

Others are sorely lacking in education and do not know how to behave in public. Or even speak good French. Not to mention the fact that English is often not sufficiently fluent to be able to travel for several days with a wealthy Saudi client who sometimes wants to have a chat. Women in 2020 want to earn money quickly without really deserving it, without sometimes even really wanting it.

Fortunately, on Fgirl, men can find their happiness categorized according to their individual qualities, erotic orientations, and services. The rich and gallant man can thus find himself in the charming company without spending hours searching on the Internet for the rare pearl. Fgirl recommends going to the quality profiles containing as many details as possible. The photos are certified by the agency which gives credibility to the meeting as well as serenity.

Love yes, but in conditions favorable to successful encounters. Businessmen have no time to spend on the tens of thousands of hazardous and misleading ads on standard sites. Fgirl’s desire is to bring quality to men who have money and can afford to spend several thousand Swiss francs to spend a few hours or a night with a charming young woman.

With an impressive list of users playing the game. The Fgirl agency guarantees the verisimilitude of the erotic ads in view of the glowing comments of past meetings. It is with a certain comfort and with a smile that Swiss and foreign gentlemen can share sweet sensual moments with VIP escorts with total discretion.

Special note: since Covid-19 meetings are dangerous because the distancing may not be maintained. The agencies propose to compensate and always satisfy their clients with the remote webcam. From the pavement to the small camera, actresses now wear a new cap during the hard times in the dating world. Let’s hope for them and for the gentlemen who are in need of hugs. That their health situation will improve as soon as possible.