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Where To Get Yummy Truffles Singapore?

Yummy Truffles Singapore

For chocolate lovers, truffles are the ultimate treat. These bite-sized pieces of heaven are just perfect if you want to satisfy your craving for chocolates. And because truffles often come in fancy boxes, they are also perfect as gifts. It’s not hard to find yummy truffles in Singapore. There are many places on the island that offer truffles and other chocolate treats. Below are some shops where you can get the best truffles in Singapore.


Established in 2014, Anjalichocolat is known for using only the finest ingredients in their luxury handmade chocolates. They use Belgian couverture, fresh cream, fruit puree, butter, and whole spices. They don’t add any preservatives to their creations. Their chocolates are also made fresh every day.

The shop is also known for having beautiful packaging for their products. This is why many go to them to get gifts. They also conduct workshops for those who want to learn how to make chocolate treats. Their place is also available for private and corporate events.

Yummy Truffles Singapore

Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate is known for their best selling dark chocolate cakes. In fact, when the shop opened in 1998, it was only selling one product: dark chocolate cake. And it has quickly become a favorite among chocolate lovers in Singapore. They eventually added other products to their menu, which included yummy truffles.

And from just one shop, they have expanded to having several branches and even a restaurant all over Singapore. They may call themselves Awfully Chocolate, but there really is nothing awful about this shop. It is one of the best places to get dessert in Singapore.


Godiva is an established international brand that has been serving up fine Belgian chocolate since 1926. The name Godiva is synonymous to Belgian chocolate and the company is considered as the global leader in premium chocolate. It’s inspired by the values of Lady Godiva, the woman who became famous by riding naked through the streets of Coventry to protest against the taxation of her subjects.

Godiva has more than 800 boutiques worldwide and is present in more than 100 countries. The shop is particularly famous for its truffles. You can never go wrong with truffles bought from Godiva.

Yummy Truffles Singapore


Chocoelf is a Singaporean that fuses local flavor with international ingredients. The best thing about the treats being offered at Chocoelf is that they are sugar-free. This place is perfect for those who want to satisfy their chocolate craving but don’t want to sacrifice their health. The products of Chocoelf are proof that chocolate treats can be yummy and healthy at the same time.

Läderach Chocolatier SuisseLäderach Chocolatier Suisse is a Swiss chocolatier that is famous for their rich milk chocolate truffles. Apart from luxury watches, the Swiss are also known for their fine chocolates. They also offer a wide range of Swiss praline flavors. Apart from truffles, they also offer chocolate barks. A must try is the gingerbread and dark chocolate flavors. Their shops are conveniently located at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre at Orchard Road and at Changi Airport.