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Where can I learn cyber security: A guide to choosing the right coach

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If you want to learn cyber security, then everything you need is at your fingertips. There are a countless number of courses available on the Internet. That will take you from beginner to expert level in just a few days. There are hundreds of training centres, colleges and universities offering cyber security courses. That promise to take your professional life up a notch. However, making the right decision about where to study, is quite a sticky wicket. 

Check the certification: 

Before you enroll for a cybersecurity course, check the certification that awarded to you at the end of the course. Make sure that wherever you are learning from, the certification. That you receive at the end is well recognized by organizations all over the world. If you are going for the CEH training, then your certificate should be the EC Council CEH certification. You will also need to clear an exam or test of some sort to get your certifications. It is your responsibility to verify all these things before you enroll for a course. So that you have no issues getting your official credentials at the end.

Read the reviews:

Before you make the decision about your institute, get to know the feedback it has received from former students. If you are learning online, then it will be easier to find reviews as compared to offline training. However, in either case, you should make sure that you ask someone to describe the experience they had at the particular course you are looking at. If you can’t find someone who has undertaken the same course you have your eyes on him/her. You can ask them for feedback on the institute and the mentors.

Research about the institute and the mentors:

Know as much as you can about the place you are going to study at. Certifying bodies like the EC Council have Accredited Training Centers all over the world. If you even choose to learn ethical hacking online from such a training center. Then you can be assured of the quality of your education and certification. The bottom line is that you should do your homework by finding out about the history, recognitions and affiliations of the institute and the credentials of your mentors.

Take a demo class:

Taking a demo class gives you a direct peep inside the course. It will give you a taste of what the teaching will be like and will also help you decide. If you are comfortable with the teacher or not. Although you can always read about the course outline without taking a demo class. This small step will give you a detailed outline and a step-by-step guide of what your training will entail.

Weigh the cost against the benefits:

A lot of places offer cheap rates for cyber security courses. However, that does not mean that the quality of education will be up to the mark. A good course with quality material, state of the art cyber security tools and highly expert trainers comes at a certain cost. You must carefully weigh the cost of the entire training against the benefits you will get out of it. Many organisations that hire cyber security professionals have certain criteria. That need to be fulfilled in terms of certifications and by extension, the quality of education. 

You should make an informed and wise decision before you settle for a place to learn. Cyber security can offer you a highly promising professional life if you do it right. All the best!