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What Must You Expect from Your Chosen SEO Company?

What Must You Expect from Your Chosen SEO Company

Congratulations on hiring an SEO company and successfully taking the first step of making a promising content marketing strategy. Although now that you’ve chosen this company to work with, perhaps you’ve got a few inquiries that you want to know from them. The key is to make sure that your eCommerce SEO company shares similar goals and visions as your organization. For this reason, this article aims to discuss some of the fundamental expectations. You should realize this from a healthy and trusted SEO engagement.

Barrier Analysis

An SEO company from Vancouver comb through your website right at the start of any SEO engagement to ensure that there won’t be any technical barriers. That can keep search engines from indexing your site properly. Remember that barriers can be anything from missing sitemaps, improperly optimized images, inadequate meta tags, and content issues.

Open Communication and Transparency

The eCommerce SEO company you selected to work with needs to be open and transparent with you. You must always know what they are working on and the reason behind their actions. A reliable SEO company should never have any secrets and should be able to discuss them with you truthfully. How they will try to draw more organic traffic to your website.

Reporting and Monitoring

A reliable agency will constantly monitor your website’s traffic and give great suggestions. According to your website’s site searches, session durations, bounce rates, and traffic sessions. They must monitor all event tracking and goals as well.

They also have to provide you with a monthly report that can discuss performance changes. How your website compares to the industry in terms of average, and changes in social referrals and campaigns?

This report must include all that they did on your website and suggestions made for the month. The best part regarding this report is that it gives you. Everything you need to know regarding your website by looking at the results and answering your questions.

Set Clear Goals

Your chosen SEO company must begin by collaborating with you and obtaining as much information as possible before you can establish clear SEO goals for your site. Aside from that, they must perform a competitive analysis, extensive keyword research, and an in-depth review of your analytics. As well as gather as much information as possible from you regarding your current KPIs, your destination, and what you’ve done before.

Quarterly and Monthly Site Health Checks

SEO is a continuous process and should include quarterly and monthly tasks to keep up a healthy website. Tasks must include reviewing your Search Console accounts, reviewing your Google Analytics, toxic backlink reviews, duplicate content scans, and crawl error corrections and reviews.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is continuously evolving, and to guarantee that your website is user and search-engine-friendly needs your agency to perform all of these things and even more. The items specified above are only the essentials of a great SEO engagement.

You can look for several helpful resources online that can help you determine and understand more about the newest trends in the digital marketing world. Moreover, you will have to ensure that your agency should catch up with the latest trends to give you and your official website the best and maximized value it can have.