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What Kind of Dumbbells Should I Buy?

What Kind of Dumbbells Should I Buy

What Kind of Dumbbells Should I Buy?

If you’re looking to get in a good workout from the comfort of your own home, then investing in dumbbell set with stand is a smart move. They take up a limited amount of space but can add a lot of flexibility to your fitness routine. As you can use them for everything from bicep curls to chest presses to squats. Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of dumbbells to purchase.

Dumbbells Come in Different Shapes

The weighted ends of dumbbells typically come in round, square and hexagonal shapes. While round, pancake-shaped weights are more commonly found in the adjustable dumbbells. That you see in commercial gyms, fixed dumbbells often have hex or square edges. This is to provide better control and prevent them from rolling around, which can potentially damage your floor. For that reason, hex shapes are usually preferred, and there is a broad range of dumbbells available from retailers in this style.

Dumbbells Made From a Variety of Materials

The material used for dumbbell weights can vary from metals and alloys to various coatings that can improve comfort and control. Your options include: 

Steel, Chrome or Cast Iron

Dumbbell made entirely from metals and alloys tend to be less expensive than coated styles. And many users favor the sleek, no-nonsense look of steel, chrome or cast iron dumbbells. If you opt for these types of weights, it’s probably wise to store them on a rack rather than directly on your floor, as they can scratch or dent your flooring.


Rubber coated hex dumbbells found both in professional and home gyms and prized for their durability. They are available in both heavy and light sets, and they can take a lot of use and abuse without becoming chipped. Because they rubberized, they provide cushioning that can protect your flooring, as well. 


If you need lighter weights that are easy to use and gentle on your flooring. Then neoprene dumbbells might be your best option. They are comfortable to grip, which can be especially useful during workouts in which you’re working up a sweat and need stable weights that won’t slip around in your hands.

Dumbbell Weights Fixed or Adjustable

Your final consideration is whether you want to invest in fixed or adjustable dumbbells. The latter can give you more weight options. While taking up much less space than a full set of fixed dumbbell would. However, it does take some extra time to change out the plates when you want to move from one weight to another. If just a few different weights will meet your workout needs, you might want to opt for easy-to-manage fixed-weight dumbbells.

Purchasing dumbbells can help increase the impact of your at-home workouts while taking up minimal space. If you’ve decided to buy some, take into consideration the available shape and coating options. As well as whether you prefer fixed or adjustable weights. Then browse dumbbell online for retailers that will deliver the perfect weights right to your doorstep, and get pumping!