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What Are the Key Features of UPVC Pipes & Fittings?

Having a proper water supply for your property is a necessity, regardless of the type of property you own. People have been looking for a reliable material that can deliver supply to these properties without issues. After the invention of plastic pipes, the plumbing industry was revolutionized with the introduction of UPVC pipes & fittings.

UPVC pipes are unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipes that are highly resistant to chemicals and other elements in nature, which makes them ideal for use in most scenarios for safe water supply.

Here are some of the key features of UPVC pipes and fittings:

key features of UPVC pipes and fittings

Stronger than PVC

Since the additional plasticizing polymer is not used while manufacturing these pipes, UPVC is much more rigid compared to other types of plastic pipes. They are much harder than PVC pipes in nature.

Resistant to Chemicals

Since UPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured with unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds that are eco-friendly, these pipes tend to have a high resistance to chemicals. This makes them more suitable to use in various terrains.

Light Weight

Since they are made of plastic, these pipes tend to be very lightweight, which makes them easy to be transported. And they can be easily installed as well since they don’t require too heavy machinery to hold them in place.

The chances of them breaking are also reduced since they are rigid but light, and don’t break or tear easily.


Since these pipes have high chemical resistance, they do not need high maintenance and will not corrode or get damaged over the years as easily as other types of pipes in general. These pipes are also ultraviolet resistant and can display high strength as well.


Since these pipes are light, chemical resistant, and easy to install and transport, the total cost to get a plumbing system running with UPVC pipes will always cost you much less compared to what other types of plumbing pipes systems would do.

Also, these pipes do not need any type of regular interval maintenance unlike other pipes, which also helps you save a lot of money as well. The chances of replacing these pipes in a short amount of time are negligible since they last longer, saving you a lot of money.

Where can you use these UPVC pipes and fittings?

Since UPVC pipes are reliable and chemical resistant, it is safe to use for drinking water supplies in homes and offices. These pipes can also be used for manufacturing mains in wells and downpipes.

Since these pipes will not corrode due to their resistance to different types of chemicals, these pipes are one of the best fit to use in sewer and drainage systems as well.

The type of fluid being transported or supplied via these pipes will not affect them or the fluid since they are made from odorless and tasteless plastic materials. UPVC pipes are the best option to use in sewage systems because the chances of deposits are reduced significantly compared to other types of pipes.

These pipes can also be used to cover electrical wiring systems in homes and buildings since they are non-conductive in nature to electricity. This also makes them safe from any kind of fire or combustion issues, which helps when you are aiming for more secure wiring systems.

These pipes and fittings are also readily used for exhausts and ventilation in various places. Since they are rigid in nature, they can be installed under heavy loads such as concrete. Choosing UPVC pipes for your property’s plumbing system will be the best choice here.