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Want To Be A Better Nurse? Here Are Six Helpful Tips

Better Nurse

The nursing profession has evolved rapidly in the 21st century. For many years, nurses have served on strict values and embraced assistive roles. But today, nurses are working as specialized healthcare workers. They have evolved into primary caretakers rather than fulfilling assistive responsibilities. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses have been on the frontline in our war for survival.

As specialized healthcare operatives, nurses have huge responsibilities resting on their shoulders. From formulating progressive data to attending to patients’ healthcare needs- nurses need to be on their toes. Being competitive through skill, knowledge, and experience is one way of securing a nursing role in the modern era. If you are passionate about your nursing profession, here are few helpful tips that can make you a better nurse.

Improve your education

The advances in modern technology have certainly helped individuals in the nursing profession. By using sophisticated equipment and techniques, the quality of patient care has reached new heights. But using such tools effectively requires better knowledge and understanding. Fortunately, the internet ensures nurses can upskill their practice without having to discontinue work. This is where opting for online MSN nurse practitioner programs comes in handy. These programs are tailor-made for nurses who are actively engaged in nursing roles and still want to continue their education.

Although working and studying at the same time is a challenge, the rewards can be sweet. For starters, you can apply the knowledge you learn through these programs in your work. As an NP, you can develop new skills and research-based expertise to perform your duties more effectively. Besides, a better education leads to successful improvisations and stimulates critical thinking in real-time scenarios.

Work on effective communication

Regardless of the profession you adopt, communication is critical. Enhancing your communication skills takes practice and effort, but it always pays off in the long run. Effectively communicating with patients and their families is a crucial aspect of ensuring quality healthcare. To establish a strong connection with your patients as a nurse, you must be a good listener. In addition, you must be more conscientious rather than undermining the criticality of the situation.

As a nurse, holding your nerves in pressure and emotional situations while taking control of crucial matters is equally important. You must be mindful of non-verbal signs and be aware of the patient’s viewpoint. In this way, you will be in a better position to attend and counsel your patient’s healthcare needs.

Attend seminars and workshops

Seminars and workshops are a reliable way to enhance your nursing skills and advance your career as a nurse. While pursuing educational programs might be a good idea, taking out time for lengthy academic courses is not viable, especially on a full-time job. Instead, becoming a part of seminars and workshops related to the nursing profession can be very productive. 

Industry specialists and professional companies often host short educational programs that are perfect for busy nurses. Seminars and workshops pair lectures with applied activities that enable nurses to discover skills and tactics from demonstrations. Meanwhile, there are nursing refresher workshops that aim to encourage nurses to enhance critical skills and knowledge. You can also attend seminars that intend to propose new nursing notions and even provide certificates to add to your qualifications. 

Familiarize yourself with technology

Our planet, as we know it, is now a global village. Thanks to technological advancements in every field that allows us to interact with one another. Staying connected with health professionals around the world can give better insight into professional healthcare practices. Moreover, the use of technology has introduced state-of-the-art machinery and methods far more effective than ever before. To stay competitive in the nursing profession, having computer literacy and being tech-savvy holds immense value.

Earlier, registers were the only way to record patient’s data manually. But with the advent of modern technology, storing and retrieving valuable data is possible using computer software and EHRs. The concept of online storage via the internet opens new gateways for storing and accessing patient information with minimal risks. Modern tools, equipment, and nursing techniques are widely in practice ensuring quality health care.

To keep up with the modern trends, having considerable knowledge about computer usage and familiarizing with technology is essential. Obtaining sound knowledge and using various operating systems and computer programs is an effective way to stay updated. Furthermore, partaking in online nursing training programs that introduce modern equipment at work will assist you in utilizing them correctly.

Join professional nursing organizations

Several professional nursing associations promise membership for practicing nurses to gain access to exclusive resources and prospects. These resources are inclined to not only hone your existing skills, but also to develop new ones. They include online webinars, virtual archives, and academic periodicals that help you discover advanced curves in nursing.

In addition, becoming a part of professional nursing organizations can also help you get access to special education courses. These nursing-oriented education courses are short, yet they train and develop you as a professional nurse. Consequently, you can save a considerable amount of time and money. Lastly, professional organizations also provide you the opportunity to research and understand the latest nursing practices and developments. Hence, you can make considerable progress in acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and temperament to excel in your nursing career. 

Pledge to serve humanity

An essential nursing skill that you learn is to develop qualities that are about serving humanity. Empathizing with patients and their loved ones can make you distinguishable in your nursing profession. Nursing is not an easy career as it involves dealing with the sentiments and emotions of others all the time. But showing empathy and instituting devotion in your services can make you a better nurse, a better human.


The nursing profession has evolved substantially in the past few years. From philanthropic aid to advanced medicinal services, it has become one of the most competitive careers. With the integration of technology, nursing has witnessed revolutionary changes in the understanding and practices on which it was built. 

Although the outcomes show mind-blowing progress in the quality of health services, the profession itself has lost its meaning. Originally based on devotion and service for humankind, nursing has become a race for money and recognition. Today, we can acquire the best nursing services but only out of credit and money rather than compassionate service. After all, it all needs a better human to become a better nurse.