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Best 5 Tree Removal Safety Tips

If you’re ready to remove some trees from your yard there are plenty of things to consider. One of the most important things to tackle early on is your safety procedures. The safety of you and your neighbors should be a top priority when you start planning the removal of your tree. If a tree removal goes wrong there are a number of things that could happen.

You could run the risk of injuring yourself, damaging your house, or neighboring properties. That’s why it’s so important to carefully plan tree removals. You need to take into consideration the size of the tree and what equipment and methods are available to you.

It’s also worth noting there are plenty of local tree removal service providers available around Melbourne. So if the task of removing a tree seems too risky or complicated, there are local tree removal Melbourne services that are only one call away. 

If you’re still committed to doing a tree removal yourself, there are some essential safety tips we recommend. So read on to see what our top tips are for safely removing a tree at home,

1. Choose the right safety gear

There is a risk of debris such as branches falling from your tree when you’re in the process of removing it. This falling debris can cause bruises, scratches, and potentially more dangerous injuries. To help safeguard yourself from falling debris it’s best to wear personal protection equipment. 

Some of the best personal protection equipment you can use includes a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. If you’re using loud equipment you may want to wear earbuds to protect your ears from the loud operating noises that it makes. 

Protective clothing such as safety chaps made from Kevlar is highly recommended if you’re planning on operating a chainsaw. This clothing will help protect you from dangerous cuts. 

2. Check for nearby power lines

If you’re removing a tall tree then it’s best to check for nearby power lines. The last thing you want to do is damage power lines while you’re carrying out tree removals. Experienced tree removals Melbourne experts know all too well about the risks involved. If a falling tree comes into contact with power lines then you can run the risk of losing power to an entire street!

It’s also worth noting the massive risk to your safety here. By simply touching a tree that’s come into contact with a power line, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself. If your tree is within 3 metres of a power line it’s worth contacting your electrical company. They may be able to assist with insulating the power lines so you can carry out the tree removal process safely. 

3. Work on a stable surface

 Another aspect of tree removal Melbourne that people tend to overlook is the ground they’re operating on. Extreme safety measures should be taken if you’re trying to remove a tree on an unstable surface. One example of an unstable surface is land that’s on a slant. Consider using a safety harness to help keep yourself upright while operating machinery like a chainsaw. 

If you’re using a ladder during the process you should always do it supervised. That way someone can help hold down the ladder for you while performing a tree removal task. With extra assistance, you can have someone looking out for your safety and noticing things that you may overlook during the process. 

4. Protect people around you

It’s not just your safety you need to consider when removing a tree. Consider everyone else around you. You may have pedestrians passing by if you’re cutting down a tree in the front yard. There are also pets to consider. Will your dog be close by during the tree removal? What about the neighbour’s dog?

To assess if anyone else’s property is in danger, figure out the “falling zone” of the tree you’re planning to remove. A falling zone is the area your tree could potentially fall down onto. Trees are often a lot taller than what you predict they are. So make sure you add a few extra metres to your falling zone prediction

5. Never work alone

No matter how prepared or safe you are, it’s best to get help. By working by yourself, you’re already elevating the risk of danger when it comes to tree removals. If anything was to go wrong, no one will be there to assist if you end up injuring yourself. 

Someone assisting you is more likely to point out any safety issues you may be overlooking. There are also tasks like securing a ladder or moving equipment up a ladder which can made easier by having someone there who can help you out. If either of you involved in a life-threatening accident, at least there will be someone around to assist with CPR and first aid.