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Top 5 Ways to Reduce the Air Conditioning Cost in the summertime

Reduce the Air Conditioning Cost in the summertime

Australia is characterized by long beautiful summers that can be very hot at times. After a long and hot day, it is a norm for people to choose Air Conditioning for homes. 

The air conditioning will work better to cool down your house during the summertime. Hence, this means that the air conditioning energy consumption will soar. When consumption increases, the electricity bills rise as well. You can get the best details from Electricity providers in Adelaide.

Here are some tips on energy-saving for your air conditioning during the hot season:

Reduce the Air Conditioning Cost in the summertime

Ensure to turn off the air conditioner at night

This simple is as simple as it sounds. Since it is scorching during the day, it is logical for the air conditioner to run. However, the temperature is quite remarkable during the night, and you don’t need to keep your conditioner running.

Turning off the air conditioning equipment during the night will save you a great deal of energy and the costs that are translated from the same.

Set the thermostats and timers to save energy

Every degree in energy-saving and consumption matters. Therefore, try to get yourself a programmable thermostat that is settable so that your air conditioning appliance does not overwork unnecessarily. 

Setting the thermostat to about 23 degrees will ensure that your home saves a lot of energy wasted on doing unnecessary cooling. Therefore, always ensure that your thermostat is set not more than 8 degrees less than the temperature outside. 

The most efficient thermostat you can acquire is a built-in timer that ensures that you set the time when a specific temperature will be felt. 

Turn off heat-emitting appliances.

Most of the appliances in our households ranging from the TV, computer, lights, the oven, or any other appliance, usually emit a lot of heat, which affects the climate inside the house. 

When they are on and emitting heat, the air conditioner is forced to work harder to keep the temperature in check. Ensure you turn them off at any time that you are not using them. That way, you’ll save more money on air conditioning. However, to achieve this effectively, check out Electricity providers in Adelaide.

Install shades and blinds in your home

Shades are fundamental when it comes to the aspect of cooling your house. There are many ways to shade your house. They include installing blinds on your windows, having the lined curtains, and the Venetian blinds. 

These ensure that the heat from the sun stays out, and therefore the air conditioner will not have to work harder to maintain the temperature at the desired level. Sometimes even tinting your windows will work as they keep the heat outside as well. 

You can also try the most natural way to shade the environment around your home by having some trees around or some vines and shrubs. They will add a line of defense to your house.

Ensure the air conditioner is clean and well maintained

The simple and most basic steps can save you significant money. If the air conditioner is faulty, it will consume more power than it is supposed to. Always ensure that the filters are clean regularly. Maintaining the conditioner ensures it works at the maximum efficiency as required. A dirty filter makes the air conditioner work harder, thereby consuming more power and costing you a lot of money in the process.

Final thoughts

There you have it. Those are the simplest and most efficient ways to cut your air conditioning and energy consumption costs. Try them out, and you’ll see the change in your electricity bills. More so, make sure to check out Electricity providers in Adelaide.