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Top 10 WeChat alternative to Android and iOS

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WeChat alternative

Based on the number (over 1 billion active users), WeChat is by the far the most popular messaging application in China. While the messaging app isn’t equally well-liked in other regions of the world. It does have an extensive presence in many countries. The app is owned by Tencent one of the biggest companies in Asia in terms of market capitalization. WeChat offers a robust chat experience. It also has great mini games and a platform to read fascinating articles. As well as an efficient mobile payment option. Like other Chinese apps, WeChat scores poor on privacy and security aspects. In the latest CitizenLabs study, WeChat was found to observe content even when it is not used by Chinese users. This is an issue that is very serious and if it causes you feel uncomfortable. Here are the top 10 WeChat alternative to make use of for 2021 in order to take it off.

Best WeChat Alternatives for Android and iPhone (2021)

Finding the perfect replacement for an app such as WeChat which caters to different preferences can be a little difficult. Therefore, we’ve put together several messaging apps that could be the perfect match with Tencent’s offerings and may even be better on several aspects. In addition, apps that are superior in particular areas. Such as group video calls or secure messages follow-up news have also found the cut to our list. Whatever you’re looking for, picking an app that will fulfill your needs should not be a major issue. That said you should begin exploring the top apps such as WeChat to use on your iPhone or Android!

1. WhatsApp

Does WhatsApp require any introduction, and an explanation as to why it is able to pass this test? With more than 2 billion users across more than 180 nations. Company that owned by the private sector Facebook is the most used messaging app around the globe. According to the most recent figures, more than 2 billion video and voice calls are made using WhatsApp each day. These numbers illustrate the overwhelming presence of WhatsApp as a messaging application. If you’re seeking a WeChat alternative that is able to not only be a great combination with regards to features, but also outdo it in terms of popularity check out WhatsApp.

As with WeChat, WhatsApp also supports multimedia , which lets you connect via videos, images documents, voice messages. So, no matter what type of media is most convenient for you to stay contact with your friends and family members it is able to enable you to connect without issues. In comparison, WhatsApp is more reliable with regard to audio and video calls due its capability to run smoothly even when you have a weak internet connection.

For videos that are grouped, WhatsApp allows up to 8 participants to join video calls, which is less than WeChat 9. In the majority of instances, you will find that this number is adequate. You can also use WhatsApp Web to stay connected to your social circle even while you work. One of my favourite aspects of this application is the status option that lets users make an image or video as their status for up to 24 hours.

Additionally, the app allows you to erase messages made by mistake, which usually helps us avoid a lot of embarrassment. In simple terms, WhatsApp is a top-notch alternative to WeChat. If you’re planning to make use of it, be sure to go through our WhatsApp tips article to make the most benefit from the app.

Install on PC: iOS and Android (Free)

2. Telegram

While Telegram (400 million users active) isn’t as popular than WhatsApp or as flexible as WeChat It is among the most secure messaging apps. Many people have compared the app’s messaging capabilities with Apple’s renowned Messages application mainly because it can provide high-end security to private messages. To ensure security this application is able to secure every single bit of data you send including chats and media by combining the 256-bit AES encrypted symmetrically 2048-bit RSA encryption, and DiffieHellman encryption using secure keys.

In addition to providing the top-quality protection for your personal data The app also offers an easier and more user-friendly messaging experience as compared to WeChat. The clean user interface makes to run more quickly, in contrast to WeChat which is often criticized for slow performance. Another thing that sets it apart is its ability to let users to set up groups of up to 200,000 people. In contrast, WeChat allows users to make a group chat for just 500 participants. This isn’t all, Telegram offers a variety of tricks to play with. Read the article to learn about them all.

Install on PC: iOS and Android (Free)

3. iMessage

Because of its deep integration with Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac in addition to Apple iMessage’s secure privacy policy offers an uninterrupted messaging experience. With a variety of exciting features, including Animoji, Memoji, and messages effects, the application is extremely enjoyable to use. In addition, there is a huge iMessage app store that lets customers to install and download games and applications and also an even more safe mobile-based payment option known as Apple Pay, and it stands out as an excellent alternative to WeChat.

One of my favourite aspects of Apple’s messaging application is the capability to manage messages by using relatively simple gestures. This makes managing messages easy. Furthermore, the option to deflect alerts from users who are constantly sending messages is always one of my favorite alternatives. The only drawback to iMessage (as you’ve already figured out) is that it’s built to be a part of the Apple ecosystem (the”walled garden”). However, if you are able to remain within this confined but extremely safe environment you will surely appreciate every minute of these blue bubbles!

4. Messenger

If you’ve decided to look for the most feature-rich alternative to WeChat I’d suggest you to look into Messenger. The most impressive feature of the messaging app is its connection to Facebook. Be aware of how popular Facebook (about two billion people) is. Most of your loved ones are already using the social media application. So, it is easy to stay contact with them.

The program lets you communicate in a variety of ways. It can be an SMS message, a voice message or an audio call or even a video call the Messenger app has it all covered. Thanks to the latest release, Messenger can even let start a video call that can include up to 50 people that’s greater than WeChat 9 users. This isn’t all, Messenger also provides a quite fast and secure method to test. I also like the fact that Facebook concentrates on making mistakes with the Messenger app , making it one of the most reliable WeChat alternative available.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free)

5. Skype

Although there’s plenty of video calling applications available but very few are as good as the capabilities of Skype. If it’s high-quality video you’re looking for, then I’d suggest you give Skype the chance. Apart from allowing users to make audio or video calls, the app can also allow you to chat via instant messages. When compared with WeChat, Skype sports a more user-friendly interface. It’s more optimized and is compatible with all platforms like iPhone, Android, Mac as well as Windows.

Subscriptions begin from $2.99 per month for the US. 2.99 per month in the US and be different depending on the location.

It comes with a huge collection with a wide selection of GIFs, Skype allows you to share a wide range of GIFs. Additionally, you can add annotations to images and share hilarious emoticons . Additionally, it lets you call phones and text messages from anywhere around the globe at the most affordable cost. If you wish to connect to Skype users or people who aren’t online it is necessary to make use of Skype Credit as well as Skype subscriptions. Take note that Skype subscriptions begin with $2.99 per month for the US. 2.99 per month in the US and can differ based on location.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free)

6. Signal

If the latest report on WeChat has made you think and do not trust big corporations to protect your personal messages then you must install Signal. The service is utilized by journalists across the globe, Signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform . Signal is so secure that even Signal its own company can’t be able to read your messages. Signal uses the open signal protocol, which is free to use, to secure your messages. It is a given that your private information is in safe hands.

In terms of the features you can expect, you’ll get an appealing user interface with the standard chat functions are expected from a quality messaging application. It allows you to make text-based messages, upload photos and files, set up groups, as well as make videos and make voice calls. There aren’t any ads and the service doesn’t monitor the usage of your phone. It is run by a non-profit organisation and is available for free for as long as you want. If you’re looking for a safe messaging service, it can’t come any better than this. It’s the most secure WeChat alternative you could utilize.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free)

7. Snapchat

Snapchat has been around for years and is an excellent social media application. If you’re looking to spice up your social channels with lots of enjoyable features, this is the perfect choice. Yes you’re right! Snapchat is much better than WeChat in the sense of making interactions fun. Snapchat has a camera with a smart feature that lets users to snap quick photos to share with acquaintances. With a myriad of gorgeously made filters to choose from You can create the style you desire based on certain themes.

This isn’t all. Snapchat is also home to a lot of stunning lenses and entertaining effects. If you’re looking for your snaps to instantly attract attention, those lenses and effects be used. Similar to WeChat, Snapchat also lets users catch up with the latest news, original shows, and other stories that are shared by the public.

As compared to WeChat I’ve found Snapchat’s library of stories and news to be more organized and reliable. In addition I like the snapshot map, which allows you to know where your you are with your friends and to track your current location. Additionally, the possibility of playing with your friends has drawn my interest in equal parts. These are only the beginning of the iceberg, as Snapchat is full of features under the hood.

Install on PC: iOS and Android (Free)

8. Viber

In terms of flexibility as well as popularity Viber (over one billion people) is an all-inclusive alternative to WeChat. It is operated through the Japanese multinational Rakuten The application can be used on various platforms which include Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, regardless of the platform you’re on you can utilize the application to connect with your family and friends. With integration of multimedia support, the app allows you to communicate with your friends in a variety of ways, such as tags, text, GIF, image, and video.

Based on your requirements depending on your needs. You can join an online group chat that can have more than 250 participants to stay connected with anyone who is important to you. Apart from group chats the fact that it’s superior to WeChat in terms of audio and video calls due to its ability to operate smoothly even with the weakest internet connection. Similar to Snapchat, Viber also lets users to send an invisible message.

But it also offers the option in setting the timer for self-destruct. What has always drawn my attention to Viber most of all is the possibility of creating the Viber community that is unlimited in members . It’s nice to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free and offers in-app purchases)

9. KiK

In terms of providing an enjoyable messaging experience, KiK is as good as any other messaging app there. Actually, it has several areas where you could even humiliate some of your most famous competitors. The application doesn’t need you to go through an extensive registration process in order to start. Because it supports media like WeChat it gives you the option of talking to the preferred medium.

Similar to many of its competitors, KiK also allows you to establish groups chats to stay connected with your fellow users. However, unlike its peers, it lets users to talk one-on-one with groups. Which is great for those times when you don’t wish to disturb all the people in the group with irrelevant messages.

Additionally, Kik has a great collection of memes to enable you to share your emotions in a humorous manner. If you’re seeking in an alternative to WeChat competitor, KiK could be a superior choice. It’s not just that, KiK also has some intriguing games to keep your mind occupied when boredom is starting to consume you.

Install on PC: iOS and Android (Free)

10. Line

With more than 600 million users in the world, Line is one of the top graded social media apps. Therefore, it is worthy to be considered a worthy alternative to WeChat because of more than one reason. It has all the tools needed that allow you to connect using a variety of methods like video, voice, and messaging. In addition, it lets users to make group calls of up to 200 other people to keep in contact with your acquaintances.

Thirdly, the app has probably the biggest collection of stickers . Apart from being plentiful as well, they’re additionally available in a broad range. Therefore, based the mood you are in or theme You can also send various stickers to friends to keep the vibe of the message alive. Another reason why Line is superior over WeChat is the capability of making international calls on landlines at very low costs . If you frequently need to make calls to relatives living abroad and are looking for a low-cost method to stay in touch, Line must be your most preferred.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free)

Prima: Twitter

Take a second to begin to wonder why I’ve added Twitter within this collection! Because WeChat isn’t only a messaging application and an app that allows users to stay up to date on a variety of topics. It’s important to recommend an alternative platform that can do similarly. To this end, Twitter is by far the best option. If you’re searching for an WeChat alternative that will allow users to look into a range of subjects. And keep up to date with the latest happenings all over the world You should definitely give the microblogging application a go.

Alternative WeChat: Twitter

Alongside keeping you informed with the latest happenings. Twitter can also let you connect via pictures and text messages via its direct messaging feature. The messaging feature is rather simple, but it’s more secure and organized than WeChat’s. In essence, you should take a look at Twitter as a superior alternative to WeChat for keeping track of information and communicate your thoughts to people you know and follow.

Install on your PC: iOS and Android (Free)

Choose Top WeChat Alternatives for iPhone and Android

This is why these are most highly-rated apps that could challenge WeChat. In terms of the variety of options and features, handful of apps could surpass Tencent’s offerings. Which of these apps would be your preferred replacement? We’d love to hear your opinion by leaving a comment below. Also, share your thoughts on the apps that merit to be included in this list.