Zoom Alternatives: End-to-end Encrypted Apps for Private Video Calls

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Although zoom is a safe app for private video calls, it’s not end-to-end encrypted apps like WhatsApp or FaceTime. Its usage has increased dramatically over the last few months, as people are forming a norm of working from home, thanks to COVID-19. With a dramatic rise in users, the zoom enhances security and upgrades the privacy functionality in order to protect the privacy and data of the user. The new version of zoom 5.0 contains steps to increase the degree of encryption and avoid zoom bombing. But the app is still unencrypted and will not be available in the foreseeable future, not least for a free account user. Yet end-to – end encryption is secured for users who have paid accounts.

On June 2, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, reported that the company does not intend to provide end-to – end encryption to a free account, as they are willing to collaborate with law enforcement agencies. End-to – end encryption refers to premium level security; it ensures that no one has access to your data, not even the video chat company itself or any law enforcement agency. So, if you have a private meeting or chat where you need extra protection, you can try other apps that provide end-to – end encryption to free accounts like Zoom Alternatives. Below are the four popular Apps for this reason.


It’s available in the Apple app store. It is entirely protected and easy to use; in addition, it is supported by all Apple devices, whether it is a cell phone, MAC, or laptop. FaceTime is end-to – end encrypted for those using Apple products. However, if you or any of your mates are expected to chat with someone who is not an apple user, this feature is not open to you. So, you’re supposed to use something else.


The signal is a great app. Although it has not broken into masses yet but greatly adored by the security community. It has many exceptional & must-try features that have made it one of the biggest rivals of WhatsApp. It is easy to operate, so why not try it once? But before you install it, let us tell you that it does not offer group chat feature but one-to-one video chats only.


Facebook owns it, and you’ve certainly found it when upgrading or downloading it. WhatsApp provides end-to – end encryption for both one-to-one and community video chat users (up to 8 only). It’s easy to use, which makes it an excellent option for people of all age groups, given they have WhatsApp enabled on their devices.

When you reach up to eight users on a video call, the call will no longer be encrypted and sent to Messenger Rooms on Facebook.

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