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TOP 10 Variations in Teen Patti | Popular 3 Patti Variations

TOP 10 Variations in Teen Patti

You can play Teen Patti for as long as you want because you won’t get bored by this game. Once you learn the basic Teen Patti rules, move forward and make bets on variations of this card game. There are many varieties in Teen Patti that appeal to your inner player and keep the game interesting.

However, not everybody knows variations of teen patti. So today, we will share the top 10 variations of teen patti with you.

The followings are the top 10 variations of teen patti. They are:

TOP 10 Variations in Teen Patti


The dealer draws five cards to each player. You have to pick any two cards of them to make a joker. However, you make three kinds of joker namely Kiss, Miss, or Bliss. Moreover, Bliss consists of pair of the same numbers whereas Kiss has two consecutive numbers in it. And Miss has a pair that lacks one in the sequence. 

You have to make one joker in every round or else you will have to discard two of your cards. 

Kissing Missing

This variety is similar to Kiss-Miss-Bliss. Gamers draw four cards in total and two of them make a joker. So, every player then gets three cards including two regular cards and one joker. However, you can have jokers of two kinds. To form a Kissing pair, you need any two numbers whereas Missing pair requires two alternate numbers such as 7 and 9.

You have to reject one card once you are unable to form a joker then play regular teen patti with three cards.

2 Cards Open

Each player has received two face-up and one face-down card in this teen patti variation. However, all the game rules are similar to regular play. Gamers make their bet based on guessing the value of their face-down card. 

Wild Draw

In this variety of teen patti, the dealer will draw three cards for every player. Afterward, he gets a random card from the deck and sets it faced up on the table. This random card then changes into a joker for all gamers. 

For example, if your dealer sets 5 number cards on the table. Then it transforms into a joker and any player can pick it to get a desirable number and win a round. 

Closest to 555

In this form of teen patti, every gamer gets three cards. But every gamer can replace one card from the deck. Moreover, gamers can replace two cards within the first two rounds. However, you can replace one card in every round.

Each card has a different number, but your goal is to get closer to 555 to win this game. The best hand lies either above or below 555. 

Following are the card values:

  1. A, J, Q, and K counts as 0
  2. 9 counts as 9 
  3. 8 counts as 8
  4. 7 counts as 7
  5. 6 counts as 6
  6. 5 counts as 5
  7. 4 counts as 4
  8. 3 counts as 3
  9. 2 counts as 2
  10. For instance, if you get the number 5AK then it counts as 500.


All gamers agreed on a specific amount before making a bet. Then the dealer gives three cards to every gamer. Any gamer can discard a card and request a new card in place of adding a specific amount to the bet. Gamers can play blind with this new card. Moreover, you can change three cards in a round.


In this teen patti variation, each player draws a single card. In addition, all players make bets before drawing any card. Also, all players pick their card without viewing it and set it on their forehead. In this way, the players can’t view their own cards, but they can see others’ cards.

In cobra, the gamer with the highest number wins. 


In this teen patti variant, four cards namely 7, 4, King, and Ace turn into joker. These cards can further be used by a gamer for a missing value or suit. However, other rules of this variation of teen patti remain the same. 

Odd Sequence

In this form of teen patti, the gameplay along rules remains unchanged. The only difference is how you make a sequence. 

For instance, when you make a sequence in traditional teen patti you play with consecutive cards, such as JQK. Whereas in Odd sequence you play with alternate cards such as 9JK to make a winning sequence.

1942 Love Story

Cards with values 1, 9, 4, and 2 change into joker in the 1942 Love Story variation. So, you can play with any value in place of those numbers. For instance, if you get 4JQ cards then replace 4 with K to form a sequence.