Tips to Move the Antique Furniture Safely

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Moving to a new home is a significant change in life. No matter whether you are moving to a local home or interstate, you would want your beloved antiques to reach safely. However, the question that comes to mind is how to move the antique furniture safely and keep it protected during the stressful moving process. Hiring furniture removalists is an ideal answer to this question.

Ways to Move Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is not only beautiful, but it is valuable as well as irreplaceable. It serves as the memory of both sad and happy times. Moving this delicate furniture can be a challenge. Here are a few tips that you can follow to prepare the fragile furniture for moving

  • Make a List

The first thing that you need to do is prepare an inventory list. Go through each room of your house and make a detailed list of all the precious antique items and take their high-resolutions pictures as well. Do not forget to document the condition of the furniture. Taking photos and making notes of existing damage like scratches, marks, or dings would provide solid evidence in case a problem occurs.

  • Dust the Furniture

After making the list, ensure you dust the furniture. Cleaning the furniture would make the examination of furniture for the weak spots easier. While cleaning you would be able to check each item for the possible weak spots. After dusting, ensure you do not apply oil or wax as they can make the furniture slippery and difficult for movers to have a good grip.

  • Get Furniture Appraised

In order to confirm the value of the antique furniture, you would need to get your treasured furniture appraised. Ensure you find a reputed as well as dependable antique furniture appraiser who can provide an accurate assessment.

  • Packing the Furniture

Packing is one of the significant steps to prepare the antique furniture for safe moving. First, disassemble the furniture safely. Remove the detachable pieces such as legs, glass panels. Drawers, shelves, and doors. Depending on the delicacy of each pack them using blankets, furniture pads, or sturdy foam. Take the small parts such as screws, handles, and nuts and pack them in the sealable plastic bags.

Ensure you attach the bags of the small parts to the furniture or keep them in the box in which you packed other pieces. Do not forget to secure the furniture like tightening the loose parts and locking the doors. In order to hold all the pieces in there place securely, use the bubble or plastic wrap.

  • Lift Furniture and Avoid Dragging

Avoid dragging, while moving the furniture from one room to another. Dragging can put a strain on the parts of the furniture that you would pull. Even if the furniture seems sturdy try to lift rather than dragging across the floor.

In case you find it hard to lift the furniture, leave the job to the professionals. Removalists would move the furniture safely. To avoid any kind of accident, ensure you remove the hazards, obstacles, and even your pets before the removalists reach your place.

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