The Ultimate Christmas Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Christmas time is definitely the most exciting time of the year to be a kid. However it can be daunting for the adults who need to buy gifts who are a little out of the loop when it comes to the latest and greatest kids toys. There are so many toys now on the market from action figures, the latest lego city, bikes, games and accessories it’s hard to know where to begin. No matter who you’re looking for there is something out there for every child. Here we break down the best toys for kids of all ages. 

Buying for Children 1-2 years of age

Buying for little kids of 1-2 years of age can be extremely daunting, especially when they’re not your own. What is cuter than a little bub on a pony walker? We can’t think of anything. Fisher-Price® has a Walk, Bounce and Ride Pony which we think is the ultimate Christmas gift! This musical walker has extra- squishy seating, lights and sounds to keep the little one entertained for hours. When the buttons are pressed they’ll hear playful songs and phrases about colors, the alphabet, numbers and counting.

This toy is not only fun but also supports balance and coordination skills as move from sit-at play to walking, bouncing, and riding along with their pony. Clear the way and watch the little take the reins and watch them go! You can also surprise young kids in your family or friends with Disney gifts and accessories. Order a Disney Subscription box that has dozens of Disney stuff to spread joy in the life of young and growing children.

Buying for Children 3-4 years of age

Buy your baby his or hers very own baby to look after. There are so many toy babies on the market for your little one. One of our favourites is Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce Doll. This doll bounces and giggles to keep your little one giggling along with her. Easy for the child to use. Simply hold her hands or wrists or move in front of her and she comes alive. This will provide kids entertainment all afternoon as they watch their new favourite doll stand and bounce. The Baby Alive has a wide range of noises she makes so your child never gets bored and is constantly surprised, making this the perfect Christmas gift. 

Buying for Children 5-7 years of age

Gift your kids the ultimate gift that unboxes itself! The Present Pets Rainbox Glitter Pups are interactive puppies waiting to be loved by the child you’re gifting this to. Watch your child’s face light up as the toy puppy is so excited the box will start to shake as the puppy paws it’s way out and into your childs arms.

Each Fancy Pup has big expressive eyes, a soft body and rose gold details highlightings its paws, ears and collar. When you tickle the puppy’s tummy she gets excited and begins to play! Her tail will wag faster, as she moves her paws and her bark is a friendly puppy giggle. The puppy with even recognise when the child speaks to her. This toy features over 100 actions and sounds that your child will love. 

Buying for Children 8-11 years of age

Want to get your kids away from the tv and video games? Hot Wheels® has create the best solution with their fast-paced action of the Mario Kart™. This game includes three track sets inspired by well known courses from the popular video game. Each one of these tracks includes a replica  Mario Kart™ vehicle that kids launch to overcome obstacles. This is the ultimate game when it comes to kids playing away from the tv screen.

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