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The Dark Tale Of The Titanic 1912

Most Evident causes of the Titanic tragedy

You have probably watched the movie “Titanic” and heard of numerous tales as well as conspiracy. Theories surrounding this event could be termed Heartbreaking But here is the truth, the whole truth, let’s dive in.

On 10 April 1912, when the largest ocean liner in use at that time, RMS Titanic, started its first voyage from Southampton. It was a new development that had drawn so much attention in history.

With at least 2,224 people on board, including a number of highs, classed personalities. The luxury ship that was nicknamed ‘Millionaire’s Special’ was en route to New York City on that day.

The Millionaire’s special was designed to be the epitome of style alongside safety which would definitely have to come first. In this light, the vessel featured many advanced luxury and safety features.

Moreover, the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic was commanded by a senior captain, 62-year-old Captain Edward Smith. Again ensuring the safety of the vessel and its passengers. Since he was as experienced and vibrant as can be.

However, the destiny of this spectacular ship was already made. On the 14th of April, the world witnessed what could easily be considered its most deadly civilian maritime disaster, why? Because it was really heartfelt and left many Devastated for the rest of their lives, the sinking of the great Ship Titanic.

On that dreadful night, at about 11.40 PM The Titanic struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland and began to sink slowly but evidently.

In a few hours, people witnessed the biggest catastrophe to hit the world ever in the history of maritime service. And at 2.20 AM on the morning of the 15th of February. The biggest ship that the world had seen finally settled at the bottom of the North Atlantic.

Factors like the sea itself, and the sinking of the ship. And the cold weather was enough to take the lives of 1517 passengers and crew on board easily.

Only 706 of them survived the ordeal to tell the horrific and sad tale to the world. It was indeed horrific.

And now, our one billion naira question Why did the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic sink?

How did the Titanic sink in spite having the best technical design available at the time seemed a mystery for a long time?

This was the question that troubled many scientists and engineers for a long period of time after the disaster.

The United States Senate and the British Board of Trade both set out separate investigation panels on this throbbing issue.

The U.S. inquiry was headed by Senator William Alden Smith and the British one by Lord Mersey.

Passengers and even a few crew members who escaped told their own side of the story which aided the quick conclusion of investigations.

The results pointed to the fact that some of the safety precautions of the maritime service were already outdated and needed restructuring. And even the ship itself was found short on a few of the standards.

Most Evident causes of the Titanic tragedy

Most Evident causes of the Titanic tragedy

1. Neglect of 6 iceberg warnings:

The weather condition in the North Atlantic evidently showed the possibility of icebergs that night. Moreover, 6 warnings of drifting ice were ignored from nearby ships and an important message was ignored. Because the warning didn’t begin with the prefix ‘MSG’ (Master’s Service Gram), and didn’t pass to the captain.

2. High speed of the ship:

The ship’s alarming speed in the presence of ice was greatly criticized.

Materials used for building the Titanic:

Though the ship was built with the best technological advancement at hand. There were a few chinks in it as well.

3. Less number of lifeboats:

The number of lbs on board that night was about 1200 while there were over 2000 passengers and crew members.

Some believe that a wrong turn was taken, others say the outlook had no binoculars

Are you aware of any such theories, and believe those are true? Tell us why you think that would be the reason behind the Titanic disaster.