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Swaraj Tractor – A Leading tractor brand of Tractor Industry

Swaraj tractor is the second-highest tractor brand in India. It offers many useful features which are suitable for new generation farmers. Swaraj launched the tractor, which comes with modern qualities and features. The latest tractor of Swaraj has innovative features that make modern farming more productive. Swaraj comes with the various tractors to perform multiple farming operations.

As we know that nowadays, technologies are progressive in every field, and agriculture is also not far behind. So facing new technologies, Swaraj manufactured the latest tractor models with technologically advanced features. These features are more technically strong and appropriate for modern farming. Any other tractor cannot compete with the tractor of Swaraj.

The tractor of Swaraj belongs to the Swaraj Division owned by the Mahindra & Mahindra. Formerly known as Punjab Tractors, it was later owned by the Mahindra & Mahindra company in 2007. The Swaraj name comes from the concept of self-reliance, which was given by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Why Swaraj Tractor is Perfectly Suitable for Modern Farming?

Swaraj offers a wide range of tractors for various farming applications. The tractor range of Swaraj starts from 15 Hp to 60 Hp. By practicing with the Swaraj, every farmer enhances the operational experience and other farming practices. Swaraj produces high-quality tractors with high engine power capacity. The tractor of Swaraj is adequate for farming work and farm machinery applications. The tractor of Swaraj has features that are appropriate to the modern farmers and their farming lands. 

Swaraj knows the new age farmers and their requirements, so it manufactures their tractors according to the new generation farmers. It is always focused on its aim and still works for farmer’s satisfaction. Swaraj has excellence that makes it the best tractor for farmers. Swaraj brand is one of the famous brands in the Indian market. 

Easy to Maintain 

It is vital to keep your tractor capable of doing farming activities well to achieve potential production. Hence farmers spend a lot of money and time to maintain their tractors. For farmer’s convenience, Swaraj tractors provide easy and straightforward maintenance. Swaraj provides a manual that gives proper instruction for maintaining the tractor. To Keep the tractor good in condition, farmers have to do appropriate servicing and require all maintenance tools. They should protect their tractor from the unrequired weather conditions. 

Farmers should ensure that the hydraulic oil, engine oil, and transmission fluid oil changes timely. Farmers regularly check the tyres air pressure, the barking system, steering system, and locking system. Also, properly check the air filter as well as fuel filter from time to time. Tractors of Swaraj provide maintenance, which is cheap and not a burden for farmers. Farmers can quickly service their tractor by merely sitting at home.

Comfortable and Reliable 

The tractor comes with a comfortable seat that makes farmers satisfied, and it gives a comfortable ride, so they spend a long time on the land and increase production. It completes tasks with efficiency and is called a reliable tractor. Farmers can easily trust the swaraj because it works for farmer’s happiness and satisfaction.  


Every farmer wants a tractor that is appropriate for modern farming and delivers much more than its cost. In these standards there only swaraj tractors are the most acceptable option for Indian new-age farmers. Tractor of Swaraj is a durable tractor that offers the best features at an affordable price. 

The tractor price of Swaraj is easily fit in the budget of small and marginal farmers. According to tractors performance, Swaraj is most desirable, but its price is still reasonable and fair for new generation farmers. The price range of the Swaraj mini tractor is Rs. 2.60-4.35 lac and the fully organized tractor price range is Rs. 4.90-8.40 lac. 

Technically Smart

For modern farming, Swaraj launches tractors with smart technology features. Swaraj comes with a bunch of excellent characteristics to make the developed farming more productive. 

  • Strong engine with higher torque 
  • Powerful battery 
  • Best hydraulic system 
  • Large fuel tank
  • Massive lifting capacity
  • Durable clutch 
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Mobile charger
  • Adjustable seat
  • Securable breaking system
  • Fully aired tyres
  • Easily installing the implements
  • Gearboxes

Latest Swaraj Tractor Models 

Swaraj 963 FE and Swaraj 742 FE are the latest Swaraj Tractor Models. These tractor models come with the technically advanced features to make modern farming more productive. The latest swaraj model has a low price that easily fits in the farmer’s pocket.

These models come with outstanding facilities to meet the new age farmer’s requirement. The tractor models make the model farming work simplify. These are the best companion of the equipment, and it can easily lift heavy implements to make rugged farming surfaces smooth. 

Top 5 Popular Swaraj Tractors Model with Price 

Swaraj 744 FE – 48 HP – Rs. 6.25 to 6.60 Lac. 

Swaraj 855 FE – 52 HP – Rs. 7.10-7.40 Lac. 

Swaraj 735 FE – 40 HP – Rs. 5.50 – 5.80 Lac. 

Swaraj 717 – 15 HP – Rs.  2.60 – 2.85 Lac. 

Swaraj 742 FE – 42 HP – Rs. 5.75- 6.00 Lac. 

These are the qualities of Swaraj tractors. Hope you enjoy this blog and now you get to know about the Swaraj tractor for more updates stay tuned with us.