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Supreme Garage Door Installation – Call A Professional to Install!

Supreme Garage Door Installation

The garage door mechanism that comes with standard torsion springs needs to be handled with extreme care, as they are highly tensioned, making them dangerous for the average person to adjust or remove. Rather than installing your garage door yourself, call a professional from Supreme Garage Door Repair in Texas for garage door installation if you are searching for the best garage door repair services.

Steps for Garage Door Installation!

You will learn how to install a garage door by following the instructions below. Following all instructions implicitly from the manufacturer is essential.

Supreme Garage Door Installation
  • Set the panel in the doorway, attach the weatherstripping to the bottom edge and wedge it into place with nails angled halfway into the jambs. Place the hinges if they have not already been attached to the door’s top edge.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and assemble all of the components needed to construct a curved, vertical, and horizontal track as instructed.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing rollers on door sections and any brackets mounted on the wall or jamb. As you are approaching the first section of the door, you will want to place the vertical track on the rollers at one end of the doorway. It is important to repeat the process a second time on another side.
  • In the second section, install the rollers. Put the rollers in the vertical tracks and lift the section onto its rollers with a helper.
  • It is important that the hinges of the first and second sections are fastened together. You will find that this is much easier and faster to do if you are prepared with a power drill and a screwdriver.
  • Using the same procedures, install the third section. Plumb the vertical track and check the level of the door. Both vertical tracks need to be fixed to the wall by fastening their top plates. Because the door will exert significant force while being moved up and down, it is imperative that the lag screws penetrate the framing members on a deep level.
  • Jamb brackets should be attached to track members, and framed members should be fastened to them. In this regard, it is important to ensure that the lag screws are inserted into the frame of the sound. The tracks may need to be adjusted before you tighten the lag screws.
  • Place the curved track in the position shown, followed by the horizontal track. Assemble the pieces by bolting them together. The horizontal track can be rested on a ladder if necessary.
  • Measure the length of a track hanger at the back so that it can support the horizontal track. Mount track hangers loosely to the joist or block, then screw them to the ceiling. Make sure that the horizontal track on the other side is the same. Remove any temporary nails before installing the last door section.
  • Using a garage door opener will require you to wait to install the torque tube. The garage door shown provides lift assistance with the torque tube. If not, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the torque tube. Make any necessary adjustments to the tracks and roll up the door about four feet. All fasteners should be tightened after that.

If you are searching for the best garage door repair services, call Supreme Garage Door Repair now!

Choose Supreme Garage Door Repair Professionals!

Supreme Garage Door Repair has professionals who can install commercial entry doors in Texas. Your company can benefit from the installation of sliding doors. There are no worries for us since we are available 24/7 to offer you any type of garage door installation, replacement, or repair service you might need.

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