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How To Repair A Sliding Door Lock?

How To Repair A Sliding Door Lock

Whether it is your patio or bathroom, installing a sliding door is a smart decision. It adds a ton of aesthetic appeal to the area, saves a lot of space, and conserves energy. Most of homeowners choose glass for the sliding door material.

There are many functional advantages of a sliding glass door including indoor/outdoor airflow, safety, and easy access. The extra-large panes of glass increase the ambiance of the indoor space.

Finding these amazing doors stuck in their tracks or a broken latch kills the fun. If you find your sliding door lock damaged, simple DIY tips can be used to fix it. Here is how to repair a sliding door lock like a pro.

Step 1: Determine The Lock Model

If you can determine the lock model successfully replacing the door lock gets easier. In most of cases, you can read the sliding glass door manufacturer’s name or model number etched on the door. Note down the information to find the exact model.

How To Repair A Sliding Door Lock

 If you can’t find the etchings, you can also take a picture on your phone and search for similar images. It is a tried and tested shortcut to find the exact name of the lock.

Step 2: Gather Your Equipment

Once you are sure about the lock type, it is time to prepare for repair. You are going to need a screwdriver to safely remove the lock from the door. If you haven’t got the screwdriver in the toolbox you can purchase it from the nearest home improvement store.

Check the screws on the lock before you buy a screwdriver. Grab some tape or supporting items to keep the door closed and safe while you are finding a lock replacement. The two main types of locks are surface mounts and mortise lock systems. The surface mounts are easy to repair and replace.

Step 3: Remove The Handles

It is time to remove the handles from the door using the screwdriver. Replace the bottom screw in the gap that was affixed to the door handle. This prevents the latch from falling into the door frame.

Step 4: Remove The Holding Screws

Check the holding screws at the end of the latch. Most of the models are secured by screws. Use the screwdriver to remove them and gently pull the latch and cartridge. Place the cartridge on a firm surface to avoid damaging it. You are going to need this shortly. Close the door and put some tape on the door or use support to close it. Then you don’t have to worry about the wind.

Step 5: Find A Replacement Lock

Take the latch and cartridge to the nearest locksmith shop. You can request a replacement lock. Reverse all these above-mentioned steps to install the door lock safely in its place. Make sure the screws are tight in their place unless you want the lock to damage the door. You should be extra careful if you live in a windy area. And you are done with the glass door lock repair!

Hire A Certified Locksmith For Emergency Repairs

Whilst DIY is a great way to save some bucks, you need to hire a certified locksmith for emergency repairs. Search for “door lock loose” online. A professional locksmith can fix the door lock within no time. They are equipped with the right tools and expertise. Here are some tips to find the right locksmith for your door lock.

  • Check the online resources for some reliable local names.
  • Visit the official website to see if they are providing services for your specific lock type.
  • Read reliable review sites to read reviews left by real customers.
  • Request estimates from at least three different service providers.
  • Compare the estimates and select a locksmith offering authentic prices.
  • Make sure to check the certifications of a locksmith before you let them in.
  • It is good to ask about the license and insurance of the locksmith.
  • If a locksmith is offering you an unrealistic deal for the replacement, double-check the reputation. In most cases, scammers use such prices to attract customers.
  • Prefer a locksmith with good customer service.

If you want to avoid costly emergencies, keep the locks clean.