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Sonalika 60 Tractor – Finest Machine for Indian Fields

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Sonalika 60 Tractor - Finest Machine for Indian Fields

Sonalika 60 tractor is a 60 hp tractor that consists of four-cylinder engine power for better working. The tractor of Sonnalika includes many advanced and modern features which are complete heavy-duty work. It can complete operation from cultivating to harvesting. 

Sonalika is very well known for its wide range of tractors starting from 20 hp to 120 hp. These tractors have a quality which attracts every type of farmer. The colour and style of the machine are unique and impressive. The power steering of farm machines provides an easy operating system. 

Sonalika 60 is a durable machine that performs many operations such as industrial, construction, and farming. It has a 3707 CC engine that generates 2200 engine rated RPM. It has many useful qualities, such as a water-cooled system and oil bath air cleaner. The constant mesh with side shifter system provides comfortable riding on the machine. With a multi-speed PTO with reverse, it can attach and lift the implements easily. 

Additionally, it has high torque backup, high fuel efficiency, and different types of accessories such as tools, bumper, hook, toplink etc. 

Sonalika 60 Tractor on road price in India is Rs. 5.90-6.40 lakh*. The price segment of Sonalika 60 Di is fair and appropriate to all farmers.