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Some Facts about French Bulldog

What are the origins of the French Bulldog?

Probably from the Molasses of Epirus and the Roman Empire, a relative of the Bulldog of Great Britain, the Alans of the Middle Ages, the drogues and the Dougan’s of France, the French Bulldog we know is a product of the various crosses that passionate breeders made in the working-class districts of Paris in the 1880s.

At the time dog of the forts des Hales (butchers, coachers), he knew how to conquer high society and the world of artists by his special physique and character. It then spread quickly. The first Breed Club was founded in 1880 in Paris.

Physical characteristics of the French Bulldog?

The French bulldog is a typical small mimosoid. It is a powerful dog in its small size, short, picked up in all its proportions, short-haired, short-faced and casket, with straight ears, having a naturally short tail.

It must have the appearance of an active, intelligent, highly muscular animal, compact structure and strong frame.

Both males and females must weigh between 8 and 14 kg.

Four colours are allowed to the standard: the bringé, the fawn, the quail (invading white panacherie) and the tawny and white (invasive white panacherie). All shades of the fawn are allowed, from red to latte.

Adult Brown and White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Near the Body of Water

Playoff defects:

  • Truffle of colour other than black.
  • hare’s beak.
  • Dogs whose lower incisors articulate behind upper incisors.
  • Dogs whose canines are permanently visible, the mouth being closed.
  • Heterochrome eyes.
  • Ears not worn straight.
  • Mutilation of ears, tail or ergots.
  • Anbury dog.
  • Ergots at the posteriors.
  • Dress black and fire, mouse grey, brown.

What is the character of the French Bulldog?

Sociable, cheerful, playful, sporty, awake.

Particularly affectionate with his masters and children.

What can be the health problems of a French Bulldog?

The number of births has soared from 963 puppies (LOF) born in 1999 to 1,585 births in 2000. This fashion effect has had more than harmful consequences on the breed. Health problems have arisen related to a reproductive selection defect.

Thus, we find Bulldogs suffering from enormous breathing difficulties, linked to a narrowing of the nostrils in particular. The elongation of the veil of the palace also affects some specimens.

The herniated disc is also the enemy of the French Bulldogs. It is clear today that some of our dear Bulldogs are affected by heart disease and sometimes even suffer from hip dysplasia. This is why it is extremely important to choose the breed in which you buy your French Bulldog, and not to be tempted by the lure of pet shops and other dog sales.

The life expectancy of the French Bulldog is estimated to be between 9 and 12 years.

What are the main qualities of the French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog is often said to adapt to its master. If he can be playful and exuberant with children, he may as well share with pleasure the couch of an elderly person.

It is the pet dog par excellence, very close to its owners, it can, if one does not pay attention, suffer enormously from a separation with it. It is a dog, under its patibula airs, of great sensitivity. It is therefore inconceivable to make him live in a kennel or isolated from his masters.

By its very nature of mimosoid it is very nice to note that the French Bulldog does not have this unfortunate tendency to bark wrongly and through. When he raises his voice it is wisely, to protect his territory or his family.

What are the faults of the French Bulldog?

It is completely forbidden to take his French Bulldog to jog with you, even it is a small active dog, it is not recommended to make him make prolonged or violent efforts. It will enjoy short walks and enjoy a shady garden.

Some specimens (90%) can’t swim, they’re sinking and the drowning is quickly there. You should therefore be extremely careful when walking your “ball” near the waterways.

Similarly, you have to be very careful about the heat strokes that can happen quickly if you are not careful. It is therefore inconceivable to leave him alone in a car or even to walk him when it is very hot.

It is common for the latter to snore when it dwells, but this “defect” is quickly compensated by its many qualities.

How to groom a French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog counts among its many qualities, the advantage of being easy to maintain, its hair does not require a long and tedious grooming, just brush it every week.

It is also important to ensure that your ears are always clean with a veterinary lotion, the folds of your face and those under your tail, just as your private parts require the same supervision.

How to educate a French Bulldog?

Because of its small size and charming air some owners of French Bulldogs neglect his education which is nevertheless oh so important, if not essential.

If not properly educated, he can quickly become capricious, jealous, possessive, in short, very difficult, if not impossible to live.

As with most molasses, it is necessary to know how to educate him firmly but gently.

The French Bulldog is often extremely stubborn, so you have to be patient, a coherent, daily and unconstrained education will always pay off, it is important for him that you set limits right away and that these do not vary according to the situation.

An education by play or by the treat proves to be very effective, the important thing being to be regular and consistent.

Needless to remember here, and this applies to any breed of the canine species, never to the greatest correct it physically.

If he is well educated and knows his place in the pack the French Bulldog is undoubtedly one of the best companions there is.