In the most current Salesforce release, Spring ‘15, Salesforce introduced a brand new function to help customers handle duplicate records. This function, the Salesforce Duplicate Management feature, will warn customers after they are trying to save a record that shows a match to an existing record. Salesforce previously didn’t present a approach to manage duplicate records, and should you wanted to prevent duplicates, you had to integrate with a third party app from the Salesforce AppExchange. With the Salesforce Duplicate Management function, Salesforce now offers an in-house solution for redundant data. This function is readily available on Qualified, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions, and can be used for accounts, contacts, leads, and custom objects.

How The Salesforce Duplicate Management Function Works

As a way to make use of the Salesforce Duplicate Management function, you must produce and activate duplicate guidelines and matching rules. Matching guidelines recognize which situations need to be met to get a specific field to be thought of a match, and uses criteria to ascertain when the record is usually a match all round. Duplicate rules figure out what happens when a duplicate is discovered, which include if a user is allowed to save a record that has a match.

After these guidelines are activated, customers might be notified if they’re building a record with any potential duplicates. They’re going to be shown a list of existing records which can be flagged as matches, as well as the matching fields might be highlighted.

Benefits Of Using Salesforce Duplicate Management

Activating the Salesforce Duplicate Management tool is really a excellent technique to preserve your information clean. Users frequently overlook to search current records in Salesforce before they enter a brand new contact or account, and this new feature acts as a security net. It truly is a free feature included in your licenses, and investing the few hours to setup the rules can definitely assistance hold your company organized and save you time from deduping information inside the extended run.

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