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Rash Guards: Why You Should Buy One (And What To Look For When You Do)

Rash Guards have risen in usage through recent years. Once an optional extra, many now see them as an integral bit of kit for BJJ and even MMA. 

Here, we’re going to look at what a Rash Guard is, why you should already have one in your arsenal and what to look for when you finally cave and purchase one.

What Is A Rash Guard?

Rash Guards are used primarily in BJJ, but they’re just as useful in MMA practice. It’s basically a tight-fitting piece of clothing that is worn on the upper half of the body. 

Generally made out of Spandex or Lycra that means the Rash Guard fits nice and snug. Rash Guards pretty much do what it says on the tin – they protect from rashes from the mat and guard the skin.

Why Should I Have A Rash Guard?

Muscle Recovery

The jury’s still out on this one. But, it is proven that a Rash Guard’s tightness will hold everything together nicely and prevent unwanted injury. 

Moisture Control

Sweat is something you can’t avoid with close contact sport – Rash Guards help to wick that sweat away. As well as keeping you cool, it’ll also mean you can establish grips better as you’re not hindered by excess sweat.

Prevents Bacteria From Spreading

With BJJ, you can get pretty close to each other. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria – a Rash Guard gives you an extra layer of protection. Many Rash Guards that are made now even have anti-microbial properties that’ll help kill nasty bacteria. 

What Should I Be Looking For When It Comes To Purchasing?

It can be a minefield looking for the right Rash Guard to fit your needs. Though the one you pick mostly comes down to personal preference, these essential tips will help you navigate the choices available.

  1. Quality

Look for material tough enough to stand constant pressure. Try to stick to Rash Guards that feature flatlock stitching. 6-panel flatlock is the cream of the crop – it’ll have a better fit, and you’ll be more agile.

  1. The Make

Go for a Rash Guard explicitly made for use in BJJ if that’s what you need it for. USe a Rash Guard made for surfing during BJJ, and it’ll fall apart in a few moves.

  1. Gender-specific

If you’re a man, get a Men’s Rash Guard. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how badly a unisex Rash Guard will fit. Body shape varies hugely between Men and Women, so a Unisex one will never fit the way you need. 

  1. Fit And Feel

You want a Rash Guard that gently compresses your body. Anything too tight will restrict movement. Too loose and opponents will be able to use the excess fabric to their advantage. 

  1. Test, Test, Test

Make sure you test the Rash Guard, rigorously. Pull-on the collar and body to see how much give it has. You want it to stretch and then pop back to shape. 


Hopefully, these tips will help you figure out what to look out for and how to navigate all the options available, with ease. Make sure you get the Rash Guard that’s right for what you’re using it for, and most importantly, that you’re comfortable.