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Powertrac 445 Tractor in India – Need of Every Farmer

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Powertrac 445 Tractor in India - Need of Every Farmer

Powertrac 445 tractor is one of the popular models in the market. It is a 47 hp tractor that generates a powerful 2761 CC engine. Powertrac manufactures much useful equipment. The company manufactures a wide range of tractors and farm equipment at an affordable price. The tractor range starts from 25 hp to 75 hp. 

Powertrac 445 Multipurpose

The 445 Plus Powertrac model is a multipurpose tractor that is versatile for both commercial and farming applications. With three-cylinder engine power, it can cultivate the entire field effectively. 1980 KG heavyweight helped the tractor while lifting the loads. It has high fuel efficiency, which makes it no.1 farm tractor. This durable machine has qualities that make the farming field smooth and productive. 

Powertrac 445 Features 

It comes with a bundle of innovative features. Following are the special features.

  • Single/dual (optional) clutch for smooth and easy functioning. 
  • Multi-plate oil immersed disc brakes protect the operator from accidents. 
  • Power steering for effortless gear shifting. 
  • 50-litre fuel tank capacity for long hours of work. 
  • 1600 Kg lifting capacity to lift heavy implements. 

Powertrac 445 Price in India

Powrtrac tractor price in India is Rs. 6.20-6.50 Lakh*. The price range of Powertrac 445 is suitable for small and marginal farmers. The price segment of the model is another attractive and liked thing for farmers.