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Poems and Prayers for Memorial Prayer Cards

prayer cards for funeral

Speaking about memorial cards, they are like a laminated, sturdy and small card which are used to offer a warm tribute to the deceased. Well, these cards are not just limited to funerals. You can also use these cards for the celebration of life, memorial services, wakes and visitation. The funeral prayer cards are generally holy and religious. They generally feature an inspirational image and the deceased photo on the front. On the other hand, the reveres side comes with a scripture, poem or a short biography of the deceased.

Tips for writing the Memorial Prayer Cards

Prayer cards for funeral are considered a thoughtful way to express your love and respect to the deceased. Well, writing memorial cards can be very challenging in such a condition, but you have to do it.

Keep it simple

It is not necessary to write a lengthy message on the funeral prayer cards. Sometimes with a short and simple message, you can express your feelings. How about a few short lines like “You can now gently rest in God’s arm”, “The time will fade away, but the memories will remain there forever” and more.

Nice Memory

If you have any special thoughts, then write it down in the card, but in short. It is a perfect time to share your memories.


It is true that everyone faces lose and grief in different ways. So, try your best to avoid your personal feelings completely. Always keep in mind to always consider the feeling of family and how they would react to your message.

If you are feeling confused and don’t know how to write and design the prayer cards for funeral, then there are a few reputed sites, for example, Funeral Printings, from where you can get pre-made memorial cards that come with a good prayer and message.