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New Hearing Aids Singapore – One-Stop Hearing Aid Solution

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New Hearing Aids Singapore

While there are numerous sorts of listening devices sold in Singapore there is no industry standard for amplifier names. This makes making examinations between portable amplifier models befuddling.

In this article, we assist you with understanding the significance behind portable amplifier names and acquaint with you probably the best listening devices accessible on the lookout, so you have a deep understanding of the listening device your hearing medical care proficient prescribes to you.

Each listening device model has a 5-section naming framework that remembers data for the brand, style, preparing chip, innovation level, and battery. As we experience the diverse name segments, we will utilize models from the 2 most well-known brands of portable amplifiers in Singapore: Phonak and GN Resound.


Among all the factors that go into determining the cost of a hearing aid, the major factor that determines the price point is the technology level. When a manufacturer releases a hearing aid model, the manufacturer will release up to 5 variations of the models to suit different needs and consumer groups.

For most hearing aids in Singapore models, technology levels are assigned using a number scale. Higher numbers represent a higher level of technology:

Phonak Audeo M 90 R

  • Phonak technology levels are written in a 2-digit format
  • 90: premium level (most features)
  • 70: advanced level
  • 50: standard level
  • 30: basic level (least features)
  • 15: Budget

To find out more, click the button below to see our comparison chart on the difference between Phonak’s M90, M70, and M50.

Resound LiNX Quattro 9 62

  • Resound’s technology levels are written in a single digit
  • 9: Premium (most features)
  • 7: Advanced
  • 5: Economy
  • 4: Budget
  • 2 & 3: Sub-budget

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