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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for a Business License in Fairfax County

Business License in Fairfax County

It’s a new year, and a new venture comes with it. If you’re looking to start a business in Fairfax County, then you need to file for your business license before January 1, 2022, or you could face the consequences.

Filing for your Fairfax County BPOL will be relatively easy if you know the location of the right office and what documents required. Mistakes during the process could delay you getting your new business up and running.

Here are mistakes to avoid while filing for a Fairfax County business license:

Not Preparing Your Documents

You’ll need many documents before you can file your application for a Fairfax County business license. And it’s essential to make sure all of those documents prepared before you go in to file your application. You’ll need the following documents:

Proof of Ownership – This could be a copy of your LLC’s Articles of Organization, partnership agreement, or similar legal document.

Business Accounts – A list of all business accounts required, whether they’re with banks or credit unions. You’ll need to include the name of each account holder, type of account, account number, and address.

Business Personal Property – The total value of all business personal property must listed on your application. If you didn’t already record this information when starting the business, then make an educated guess.

It will updated later with actual values when you do your taxes.

Not Visiting the Business License Office in Person

Filing a Fairfax County business license application is much like applying for a loan or permit, and there are similar requirements when presenting your information in person.

The county office won’t accept faxed applications; only original documents will accepted. Don’t mail your application unless your local office says you can, and never email it.

Not Knowing the Requirements for Receiving a Business License in Fairfax County

To get a Fairfax County BPOL, your property must be within the county’s boundaries, and you must have a place of business located within one of the county’s zoning districts.

You can determine your zoning district by using Fairfax County’s interactive map.

Information about specific requirements for zoned areas in Fairfax County is available on the county website. The information varies depending on what type of business you’re starting, wherein the county your property is located, and how many employees will be working for your company.

Filing the Wrong Type of Business License

There are different business licenses available in Fairfax County, and you’ll need to file for one that matches your business structure. Some of the top industries in Fairfax County are technical services, public administration, and finance and insurance.

If you haven’t decided on a legal structure for your company, you can research the options online or consult with an attorney before filing for your business license.

Your business is a limited liability corporation, you’ll need to file for an LLC-1 form. If your business is an individual proprietorship or partnership, you’ll need to file the necessary forms for those structures. Most other legal structures require filing with the county auditor’s office.