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List of Upcoming IPOs in September 2021:

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IPOs in September 2021

An IPO is a public offering by which shares of a company are being sold to institutional investors and, usually, retail investors. The IPO in September 2021 is underwritten by some investment banks, arranging for the specific shares to be listed on maximum stock exchanges. Particularity refers to the offering share process of a private corporation to the public in the new stock issuance. Public share issuance typically allows the company to increase capital from public investors. 

This transition from a personal to a public company may be an essential time for the private investors to fully realize gains from the investment just because it includes the share premium for the current private investors. Also, it allows the public investors to take a participate in the offering. Various companies will open initial public offerings in September 2021, and at least 4 of them are releasing dates for some issues in the first week of September. Here we are giving the relevant details of some upcoming IPOs in September 2021.

Upcoming IPOs in September 2021:

September is indeed a great month, where IPOs are raining. There have been bits and pieces of news about multiple companies going for listing. Specially in the current times, there have been companies which were earlier start-ups, which are now approaching towards getting listed, sooner or later. 

Upcoming IPO is the specific IPO that SEBI has approved, and their date of issue is out in this blog. You can get the new and fresh forthcoming IPOs in India. These companies have released their prospectus. Check below about the Fresh IPOs:

Devyani International Limited IPO

It will open for the subscription on September 4 and will end on September 6. This IPO size will be around 1,838 crores and consists of a new issue worth 440 crores. And the offer on sale will be worth 1,389 crores along with 155,333,330 equity shares by the existing shareholders and promoters.

Dunearn Investments Pte Ltd, a wholly subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, can offload 6,53,33,330 shares and promote RJ crops, selling nine crore shares under the OFS. Also, this offer includes the reservation of more than 5.50 lakh equity shares for employees of Devyani International.

Typically, Devyani International IPO has a specific price band of 86 to per ninety per equity share. Research says refunds, allotment, and the shares’ accreditation can occur respectively on September 11, 12, and 13. Also, they say that the Devyani International IPO will most probably list on the markets on September 16. Devyani International is the biggest franchisee of Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, and KFC.

Exxaro Tiles Limited IPO

Exxaro Tiles IPO will be worth 134.23 crores and open on September 4, and will end on September 6. It is a Gujarat-based dominating manufacturer of verified tiles and was announced at a famous press conference. Exxaro Tiles exposed a fixed price band of 118 to 120 a share for this initial sale of the stake.

The Exxaro Tiles IPO of more than 1,342,4000 equity shares comprises a new issue of nearly 1,11,86000 equity shares and an offer for sale of more than22,38,000 equity shares by someone. The IPO will snatch 161.08 crores at the upper end of the specific price band.

Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited IPO

Krsnaa Diagnostic IPO will typically open on September 4 and conclude on September 6. It will consist of a new issue of the equity shares worth 400 crores and an offer sale of more than 94,16,377 shares by the existing shareholders. The price band of this issue is rupees 933 to 954 per share, at a face value of rupees 5 per equity share. Krsna Diagnostics is willing to increase near about 1,213.33 crores through the public shares.

This Upcoming IPO has a massive size of fifteen shares on the lower end with an application amount at 14,310. And you can find there 195 shares with rupees 185,030 as the cut-off amount on the upper back.

Windlass Biotech Limited IPO

Windlass Biotech 3-day IPO will open on September 4 and will close on September 6. A manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations has a specific price band of Rupees 448 to 460 shares for the initial share sale.

The Windlass Biotech IPO will comprise new issuance of the equity shares worth 165 crores and an offer for sale up to 5,142,067 equity shares. Vimla Windles can offload 11.36 lakh equity shares, and the investor Tano India Private Equity Fund II CAN SELL 40,06,067 Equity shares like the part of an OFS. The initial share sale can fetch 401.53 crores at an upper end of a price band.


And the main question which can knock at your mind, is an IPO be beneficial? Then your answer will be yes. If you invest in the appropriate IPO, it can lead you to make heavy and early profits. And at the same time, it can provide investors with a huge opportunity to gain an attractive return. So, you should watch the Upcoming IPOs in September 2021 to have a clear thought about financial metrics to identify the opportunities.

Watch out for these IPOs, and make a note. Do not miss out on the date, and a golden opportunity which is here in front of you.