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Is Your eCommerce Agency Doing Enough to Help Your Business?

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The job of an eCommerce agency is to help your business succeed. Whether it’s through custom development in order to get the features you need implemented on your website, or with a powerful digital marketing campaign that gets your brand out there, an agency should be knowledgeable and skilled enough to lead the charge and help you succeed online.

The question is, is your agency doing enough? A well-equipped agency will be able to provide solutions in a number of areas that can potentially boost your business and help you drive traffic. If you are considering whether or not your agency is doing enough for your online store, the following points may be worth investigating:

Does Your eCommerce Agency Offer Custom Design and Development?

Even if you are on a “DFY” kind of platforms such as BigCommerce or Shopify, you still need the appropriate functionality that will allow you to properly meet the needs of your users. Agencies should be able to provide extensive customizations on all of the major eCommerce platforms, in case you run into any issues where the current functionality of a theme or app just doesn’t cut it anymore. The right eCommerce agency will also be able to provide you with custom design enhancements such as a better-looking and faster homepage, or custom category pages that offer more than what an out-of-the-box theme might.

Robust Digital Marketing Services That Include SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC for eCommerce are important for any business that wants to get their name out there and draw in more traffic. Many store owners quickly realize that there is no point in trying to tackle these areas alone or with an in house team, so they turn for agencies to help. 

However, not all agencies provide the whole suite of digital marketing services. Some may only specialize in SEO, which would force you to have to go somewhere else for your PPC, and vice versa. This can become costly and confusing, especially if you are specifically trying to cut costs as it is, not to mention streamline your business processes.

A well-rounded agency should also be able to help you in other digital marketing efforts as well, such as with your social media outreach and advertising, email marketing, and branding. If your eCommerce agency doesn’t provide these services, it may be time for a switch.

Vital Ongoing Support

Sometimes business owners just need a steady hand that they can call upon whenever things go awry (and they will). Websites are complex and between theme upgrades, cart glitches, app integrations, and the litany of other problems that can arise, you need a competent agency that can help you out in a pinch, so that you don’t lose out on sales. The right agency can provide ongoing technical support in order to ensure that you don’t have to scramble to take care of problems. Over time, this can save your business buckets of money, because every hour or day that your site is down or malfunctioning, is potential revenue lost.

Finding an Agency That Does it All

If you want to hire a truly capable agency that can meet all of your eCommerce needs and expectations, you need to get on the phone with 1Digital®. They are an agency that is skilled in all aspects of eCommerce design, custom development, marketing, migrations, and support. From branding to SEO, to data migrations and even full website builds, they do it all. With a knowledgeable team that always has your back and a trusted process for getting things done, 1Digital® is the definition of an elite eCommerce company that can be the difference between success and failure for your online store.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to hire Shopify + Partner and Shopify Developer.