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Is carpet steam cleaning the best cleaning method?

Is carpet steam cleaning the best cleaning method

Steam cleaning is generally considered to be the most effective way to clean carpets and that opinion is not wrong. The high pressure involved can get rid of all the dirt, bacteria, toxins, and hairs stuck in the carpet fibers. You can’t get rid of them completely by simply brushing your carpet with a brush, water, and soap.

But steam cleaning doesn’t just provide total cleaning benefits, it also provides other benefits:

How does steam cleaning work on carpets?

This is actually a cleaning method with hot water extraction. This means that hot water is used along with a cleaning solution on dirty carpets. The hot water used is high-pressure hot water. The hot water that hits the carpet will mix with the dirt and it will be sucked back together with the dirt in it. Very hot water is key to carpet sterilization because it can kill most of the germs and bacteria that are stuck “in between the carpet fibers.”

So far, until now, the carpet steam cleaning method is the most effective and most thorough carpet cleaning method compared to other methods. This method has proven to be the most effective for getting rid of all kinds of odors that remain after other methods have been applied.

Steam cleaning may extend the life of your carpet

The steam cleaning method is cleaner because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals. Other methods usually use harsh chemicals which are considered effective for cleaning all kinds of stains along with germs and bacteria stored in carpet fibers. But often without realizing it, harsh chemicals can reduce the life of the carpet. There are many cases where carpet fibers become weathered due to frequent treatment with harsh chemicals. The steam cleaning method, on the other hand, doesn’t use harsh chemicals though. The only chemicals used are regular cleaning solutions. The high pressure of hot water has been shown to put ordinary cleaning agents into their “effective mode.” With the high pressure, the hot water along with your regular cleaning solution can get between the fibers of the carpet and “clean it all out.”

Steam cleaning is very effective

Other carpet cleaning methods tend to rely on cleaning solutions which, unfortunately, are not very effective. Maybe the cleaning solution used can clean the exposed area, but unfortunately, without high pressure, the solution cannot “penetrate” between the carpet fibers where dirt, germs, and bacteria have accumulated for so long.

That’s the key to why steam cleaning is more effective than other cleaning methods! It works with high pressure that sweeps away all the dirt, germs, and bacteria in all layers of the carpet WITHOUT having to use damaging harsh chemicals.

No harmful residue is left behind

Since steam cleaning does not use harsh chemicals, the harmful residue left behind is the last thing you can look for. The cleaning solution used in steam cleaning is usually a non-harsh cleaning solution. Besides that, high-pressure water is also able to suck up cleaning solutions mixed with dirt very effectively. There is very little chance of any chemicals being left behind.


From the above review, it is clear that steam cleaning is the most effective and safe method of carpet cleaning. Its reliability in cleaning all dirt, germs, and bacteria plus the absence of harsh chemicals used makes it worthy of consideration for any household. Is carpet steam cleaning the best cleaning method? Yes of course!