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Improve The Design of Your Shopify Store With These Tips

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The best thing you can do to improve your conversions is to actually work on the functionality and design of your online store. Your shoppers are looking for a professional experience that is streamlined and intuitive, and if you can provide this for them, there will be much less likelihood that they will bounce to one of your competitors.

Your Shopify website design can either help or hinder your online sales. If you want to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders, take the following tips into consideration:

Work on Your Page Speed

The first point you might want to think about working on for your Shopify website is the page speed. You can increase this by compressing images and removing superfluous elements from your website. This might include useless integrations, videos or slideshows that don’t add to the value of a page, and various tracking codes and popups that are also not doing anything worthwhile.

These days, users want functionality, not flash. If anything impedes their ability to hop onto your website and buy the product, they might just forget about shopping on your website to begin with and take their business someplace else. You always want to prioritize page speed and cut down on useless elements. This way your users won’t feel bogged down or distracted.

Think About Your Navigational Elements

On top of being fast, you also want to make sure your Shopify website is easy to navigate. Your menus and footer should include valuable links that make sense and can help users find what they are looking for. This is an important aspect of any eCommerce website, can shoppers find what they are looking for without any hassle?

If your category structure doesn’t make sense or your navigation is cluttered with empty categories and other useless pages, it may be time to invest in a Shopify website design project with a competent agency. Remember, if it’s confusing at all for you, it will be ten times as confusing and misleading for your users. Always work on making things more intuitive and assume your users don’t know much, if anything, about how to find your products.

Product Photography Matters

While you want to make sure you are compressing your photos for page speed purposes, don’t underestimate the power of high-quality photography on your website. Users want to see an attractive website that has professional-looking photos, not outdated stock pictures that look like they were scanned from a catalog 20 years ago and never updated. Users expect that boutique experience if they aren’t shopping on Amazon or eBay, which means that you need to make sure your website looks the part. Even if your other design elements are on point, the overall feel of your website will be compromised of your photography is lacking.

Make Sure Your Checkout Process is Simplistic 

One other tip to keep in mind is that your checkout process should be optimized so that it doesn’t cause any headaches for your shoppers. In this regard, Shopify will help you create a checkout experience that is very intuitive and usually user-friendly, but there are instances where you may need more functionality or a change in the way your checkout process looks, in which case it’s time to get in contact with a professional Shopify designer that can make it happen.

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