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How to select the best cartoon for kids?

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We have seen many parents get confused about the selection of cartoons for kids.  When there are a lot of options, it becomes difficult for any parent to select the best. Hence, they search on the internet to know the trending kiddies’ cartoons and let them watch. There are many criteria based on which cartoons are characterised. One is characters, moral messages, and attractive sounds.

Naughtiness plays a primary role in kids’ cartoons to show some fun done by kids. In India, there is a lot of cartoons preferred and liked by the kids. Some of them are Shincha, Doraemon, Motu Patlu, Noddy, and many more. The list is huge, and hence options are more.

Factors to look after:

While selecting a cartoon, one must look for a character description and whether it is suitable for kids’ personality development. The characters of TV shows and games highly influence kids. Hence it plays a major role in developing the mind and senses.

One should ensure that a specific cartoon is delivering some good messages to kiddies. It helps them to learn basic etiquette and manners. Kids follow the things done by cartoon characters. Hence, it is preferred to let them watch selective cartoon series. 

Cartoons are a great way to improve the speaking English of children. The cartoon telecasts in the English language. Some parents also prefer English rhymes, poems, and songs for kids.

How many hours should a Kid allow to watch cartoons?

Maximum 4 hours are enough for kids to completely enjoy the cartoons every day if they are under 6. But make sure you allow kids to watch cartoons at different times, not continuously. Watching the television continuously for long hours can create stress in their mind and eyes.

Therefore don’t allow them to watch it for long hours. One can fix the time to watch videos for kids, so it doesn’t affect their health, and they can have fun.

Nowadays, one can view various cartoons available in different languages, and people can prefer them as per kids’ interests. Rhymes, poems, and TV shows all are available in different series.

But, the most famous series animates cartoons with fun-loving kids and characters. These anime characters are being designed by graphic designers differently. Their imagination power and love for animation allow them to create amazing characters. If your toddler loves Disney movies, just make sure you pick an age-appropriate Disney movie.

How could interactive sessions be arranged through cartoons?

Kids have efficiency in learning through cartoons faster. Here are some points that justify this line:

  • Cartoons are an attractive way to interact with kids.
  • Kids always prefer to do things they watch different types of cartoons.
  • One can sit and have better bonding in a friendly way with the kids.
  • One can tell the kids about good manners and bad manners through these cartoons.
  • Always one can teach little girls and boys about good touch and bad touch through this interactive session. It is a very major and essential issue to highlight the parents in small kids.

In this way, one can easily interact with the kids and have fun. Learn, spread love, and connect a strong bond through these TV shows.


So, here we have enlisted the ways to select the best cartoon for kids. As a parent, selecting things and showing your little one is watching and learning from them is necessary. Parents are often unable to find the best cartoons for kids, so we have suggested some tips for the same.