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How to Replicate the Interesting Life of Cedric Okiorina?

Cedric Okiorina

While many would be inclined to envy the interesting life of Cedric Okiorina, there is a certain aspect of his style that gets overlooked. Cedric may be at the beginning of his journey as a food and travel blogger and influencer but he is not a stranger to traveling and there is an interesting aspect to how he does it.

Cedric Okiorina

His Approach to Travel

Many food and travel influencers tend to show off a lavish lifestyle and seem to be doing it for a living. It is possible to travel and make money from it but Cedric has a different approach. His approach makes him relatable and makes it seem as if anyone can do what he is doing. It is possible to follow in his footsteps if you are in love with trying out different foods and traveling around the world.

What is interesting about Cedric is that he does not travel for a living. According to his own words, he works full time for longer periods of around one year, and then he takes a break to travel. During the time he is working full time, he saves as much as possible. This is what makes the interesting life of Cedric Okiorina something that can be replicated.

When Cedric saves enough money, it is time to travel. To travel as much as possible, he has a very frugal approach. This means discounted plane tickets, motels, Airbnb, street food, and whatever he finds that can help him save money. He also travels light with just one backpack and a few essentials. This type of traveling allows for greater flexibility. Imagine traveling around the world with a large trolley. Does not sound all that appealing, does it?

How You Can Replicate it All?

We are all familiar with frugality when it comes to traveling. What we can learn from the interesting life of Cedric Okiorina is how to travel constantly and fund this passion. You need to have firm control over your finances. You need to be frugal while having a full-time job and save as much as you can.

Many people that have a regular job may have debt that offers the sensation of being stuck into a full-time job permanently. To take a break from your daily job and start traveling for a while like Cedric, you need to either get rid of your debt or have enough saved to cover the monthly payments while you are jobless and away to some distant lands.

Continuously traveling without ever needing a job is also possible but it cannot be done by just saving for a year. You need to reach a certain level of wealth that can sustain your lifestyle of traveling and enjoying the world.

Cedric Okiorina

Cedric has found a formula that works for him. While his blog is still young, it is a pleasant read and a good source of inspiration for the ones that are looking to plan a vacation. There is plenty to learn from his blog and surely, some of his audience may even follow his lifestyle.