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How to prepare your house for a quick sale?

prepare your house for a quick sale

You’ve probably heard all about ‘house staging’ whether this is your first time selling or not. The process makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, meaning they’re more likely to buy into it. During staging, you’ll arrange the furnishings, maybe do a little renovating and remove sentimental items. 

All of this can help you sell your home faster, and it’s been proven that a staged home sells quicker than a not staged one. If you’re looking for a quick sale, here are a few tips for preparing your house. 

Get decluttering

Most houses just need a quick declutter to make the place look more staged. It’s always the first step to ensure the house looks neat, tidy, and organized. Remove as much as possible from the house that is personal or sentimental. A picture of you and the kids isn’t going to help a buyer envision themselves in the space. 

If you’ve not already got a property to move into, it’s probably worth renting a storage unit from rather than packing everything up and cramming it into the spare room. Buyers have plenty of opportunities to open cupboards and scan different rooms, so it’s best to just get the clutter out of the house – even if it’s only temporary. 

Invest in new furniture

You don’t want to stage your house with old, broken, or worn-down furniture. It needs to look shiny and new rather than lived in. Getting new furniture is a big investment but could definitely be worth it. A sneak trick some realtors use is inflatable beds. You can dress them to look exactly like a real bed without having to fork out a fortune for a proper frame. There are even companies that offer furniture rental services, so you don’t have to find space for all your new duplicate furnishings. 

Freshen up the paintwork 

After living in a house for some time, you’ve likely put your own stamp on the walls.  But, if you want to sell quickly, you’ll need to freshen them up with a lick of neutral paint. With a blank canvas, buyers will have a much easier time visualizing themselves at home in the property, so pick unoffensive colors that could work for just about anyone. Neutral or white shades also make rooms look brighter and bigger. 

Think about curb appeal

We’ve all walked or driven past houses that look incredible. And it’s the curb appeal that makes the biggest impact. If you want to sell your house fast, it needs to look good both inside and out. Add some lighting outside, mow the lawn and get some colorful flowers. You could even paint the front door a bright color. 

Taking a moment to stage your home can seem like a waste of time, but it’s certainly worth it. Your house will sell, and it will sell much faster. Just remember that buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in the space in order to be sold on the idea of buying.