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How to make money online on Pinterest

This is a question we get a lot from our readers. Pinterest is one of the leading photo-sharing throughout the globe, with around 320 million users. There has to be some way to make money using Pinterest as a source, right? Absolutely! There are numerous ways in which you can make money on Pinterest. And the best part is, you don’t need to be an expert in blogging or coding. Follow certain steps and voila! You’ll start making a lot of money.

We have created this article to help those who seek to make money through Pinterest but have no idea where to begin from. Once you go through this article, you’ll get a clear vision about it! So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get to the million-dollar question, “how to make money on Pinterest?’

Affiliate marketing Pinterest without creating a blog

You might have heard about “Affiliate Marketing” a lot if you are looking for a way to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the rapidly emerging ways of earning money in recent times. Numerous affiliates are making millions through this mode. Ever wondered what is Affiliate marketing, and how can it help you earn money on Pinterest? Let’s understand.

Generally, people think earning money online can be done only by writing blogs, creating ads and doing digital marketing. It’s not their fault.

Imagine you are using a smartphone from some leading brand. You like the phone due to its great features and functionalities. At the same time, your friend too is looking for a good smartphone. When you come to know about this, you suggest the phone that you are using. Your friend finds it interesting and decides to buy a phone. Why? Because YOU suggested it!

That’s it! That is affiliate marketing. Unknowingly, you worked as an affiliate of that Smartphone Company and helped them get a new customer! You can do the same through Pinterest, albeit at a much larger scale and you will be paid for that!

The process is quite simple and easy. But first, let’s understand how Pinterest works.

What is Pinterest, and how you earn money on Pinterest without writing a blog?

You can surely say that Pinterest is just like your average Social Media platform, but let me tell you, it’s much more than that! It’s more like a search engine! 

Confused? Let me explain this to you so that you can understand what I mean. Pinterest is a platform on which people share their pins. Along with that, numerous users also search for specific pins on Pinterest. Under these conditions, it works just like a search engine. Users can search for anything related to anything by typing their queries in the search bar.

Let’s say, for example, a user wants to search something related to Summer Fashion. The user will enter these keywords in the search bar and hit the search. The results will show every pin that is related to the summer fashion. Pinterest will include showing all the pins that have Summer Pins in their description. It will also show you the results that are distantly related to Summer Fashion.

If you have a Pinterest account that regularly posts pins related to Summer Fashion or only fashion, then there is a probability that your account will appear on the top. Your ranking on the search results will depend on what keywords are you using and how people are searching for them. If you use the most popular keywords, there are chances that your account will rank higher, offering you more visitors and more views. The more people buy from your pins, the more profit will you get. It’s that simple. 

The process sounds familiar? It is because this is the way a normal search engine performs its function. So we can say that Pinterest acts as a search engine. Now the question is if it works as a search engine, can it provide opportunities to earn, just like a normal search engine?

Of course, it can. That’s where the Affiliate marketing comes in. As you build a powerful presence on your Pinterest account, more people will start interacting with you. Then you can approach any business that needs Pinterest marketing and can make money by posting about their product

How does it work?

If you are looking to create a compelling Pinterest account that helps you earn a lot of money, you need to understand a few basics of the affiliate marketing in detail. Affiliate marketing works in two basic ways:

•    PPS: PPS Stands for Pay-per-sale. In this model, you are paid when any user makes the purchase of the product or service from your pin. Now, this might seem hard to you, and surely it is. But remember, the rewards of this model are very high. Once you excel in this, there is no looking back. You can make millions using your Pinterest account without a blog!

•    PPL: PPL stands for Pay-per-lead. Earning money with this model is comparatively easy. Here, you will get rewards on every lead generation that takes place through your pins. It can be done easily. The only thing you need to do is to create a form on your board. Once the viewer fills it, a lead is generated, and you will be rewarded. That's it.

It’s a very simple process, and it can be more simplified if you take a look at it step by step.


Get yourself a Pinterest account. Start posting about the things you love, things you do and helpful things. Create a compelling account page on Pinterest and increase the number of followers on your account. 

This content can be anything you are interested in. It can be related to sports, fashion, food, travelling anything that intrigues you. Followers Start putting pins on any service or product that you like and about which you can explain in detail. Once you start posting pins on any of your hobbies, you will start getting more followers. 

Let’s say you love travelling. Then create pins of places you have visited, places you want to visit, beautiful local places as well as places to travel that are abroad. People love beautiful images and pins. They connect to the people directly through emotions. People interested in travelling will start following you if you offer them interesting information regularly. Once you start getting tractions, the number of followers will increase exponentially.

Some Pinterest users have millions of followers! Imagine how powerful their reach is. Remember, the more number of Pinterest follower you have; the more is your chance to earn money.. But that doesn’t mean you need millions of followers to earn money. Once you build a considerable online presence, marketers will approach you directly. Remember, more followers don’t mean you will definitely be rewarded. There are certain other factors too. 


Apply for any affiliate marketing program that is going on once you get a large number of followers. As mentioned above, if you are a keen traveler and post pins related to travelling, there will be certain companies that sell travel-related products and services. E.g., you can approach a travelling bag manufacturer that offers rugged bags for hiking and travelling.

 You can also target companies manufacturing sturdy shoes like Woodland and Redcheif. There are certain services related to travelling too. E.g. you can contact various travel agencies that offer tour and travelling packages to various travelers. Then some auto-agencies offer vehicles on rent to the travelers. These all are the services related to travelling, and you can reach all of them.

These companies are always looking for a great marketing campaign. With your powerful Pinterest account, they can easily reach thousands of avid travelers who can be their potential customer. So for them, it’s a great opportunity for them to hire you. On the contrary, you can also benefit a great deal from these companies, and you can earn millions. To find such companies and apply for their affiliate marketing programs

Once you get accepted for any affiliate marketing program, start creating pins related to that product or services and being marketing. If you think it is difficult to get an affiliate marketing program on Pinterest, then trust us, there are a large number of companies who are advertising their products and services through affiliate marketing on Pinterest. So, definitely, there is a good chance of getting an affiliate marketing contract from a good company. These companies might belong to multiple business domains like fashion, food, travel and technology.

You can choose any of them as per your interest and liking. 

Step 3 

Once you get accepted under the affiliate program by any company, you will have to create pins related to their products. There are different terms and conditions with different companies. Some companies create their pins and send you directly to upload on your Pinterest account. Some companies want you to create pins for them and post it on your account. These conditions are mentioned in the agreement that you sign with these companies.    
You need beautiful pins with attractive designs to attract more and more viewers. There are multiple free online tools available that can be used to create engaging designs. For e.g. you can use Canva or Poster my Wall to create enticing pins for your Pinterest account. There are practically infinite free designs available on these websites. You can choose any of them you like to create your pins.

There are certainly paid designs too on both these sites. But at the initial stage, we would recommend you not to invest money on design. You can use free ones as they are very attractive and beautiful too. Once you get a good number of followers, you can think of using such paid designs for your Pinterest account. 

Once your design is complete, upload it on your Pinterest account. Once the upload is complete, you can choose any board you would like to pin your design. You can also edit the description section of the pin.

In this section, you can add certain information about that product or services. You must add a few keywords in this description so that it becomes easy for onlookers to find you easily on Pinterest. Once you are done, add a referral link to. Ensure that the referral link that you are sharing must be correct. If the link is incorrect, it will create a problem at the time of payment. 

Don’t forget to use SEO to widen your digital presence. A systematic SEO campaign can help you garner a lot of viewers and followers. You can benefit a lot from SEO services. Choose an SEO agency that has good experience in the field, with specialization in Pinterest. Using SEO will improve your visibility on Pinterest as well as on Google. This will drive more traffic to your Pinterest account. 

Don’t forget to write a compelling “About” section on Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to use around 200 characters for writing “About” section. Be creative and write something that attracts the viewers. This section might help you increase your followers if utilized properly. Don’t forget to add keywords that a user might search on Google while looking for you. This will help the user to find you on Pinterest as compared to your competitors easily. 

SEO tactics must be implemented on each pin too. Each pin is allowed to have around 100 words or 500 characters. Include as many keywords as you can in this section. But remember, don’t do keyword stuffing; otherwise, Pinterest will penalize you for spamming. Systematic SEO tactics for each pin can help you improve your pin’s visibility and attract a lot of viewers towards it. 

Pinterest is like any other social media site. Here a user can share someone else’s pins just like Facebook and Instagram. Once you start being visible with the posts that are not yours, people will come to know about you, and that will help you generate more and more followers. 

Is affiliate marketing that easy?

This is a tricky question a lot of people ask us. While there are numerous companies that offer opportunities to works as an affiliate, there are a lot of Pinterest users too, who apply for the same! So, it’s not that easy, but you can surely make it easy by putting concrete efforts in it. There are so many tips and tricks to get a maximum out of Pinterest. Let’s discuss it in brief.

How to get maximum visitors to your Pinterest account?

Creating a compelling Pinterest account that attracts more visitors is vital if you want to maximize your earnings through Pinterest. Now there is no single magic trick that can get you more visitors. Yet, there are multiple steps that you can take to ensure you get maximum visitors to your account. Let’s take a look at them:

•   Relevant keywords

Using relevant keywords is the first and foremost task that must be done to drive more traffic to your Pinterest account. Relevant keywords used organically in the description can do the trick by getting you maximum traffic for your account. But the question is how to find such keywords?

•   Finding keywords on Pinterest is relatively easy. All you have to do is type the niche you want to work on, and you will get several pins on the screen. Read the description section of these pins, and you will find several keywords for your account.
•   You can also find keywords by performing a thorough research of your niche and accounts related to your niche. Here you can easily find the keywords you are looking for.

Although keywords are must while creating a pin and you must include them in the description section of your pin, don’t do keyword stuffing in the description. Keyword stuffing can hamper your site’s visibility and performance. If you do too much keyword stuffing, it will look as if you are forcing something to your viewer and he or she will get irritated and leave your board. 

Create an excellent board to post your pins Boards are a very critical part of your Pinterest account. This is the place where you will post all your pins. So keep this one thing in mind, create an excellent and captivating board. Perform maximum research and analysis for inspiration. Be unique and try to carve your niche. 

Naming your board is important too. You must choose a name that is easy to remember and write. 

E.g., if your blog is about travelling, look some other travelling related accounts for inspiration and get yourself a unique name. Don’t forget to add on or two keywords in the title. It will make them more SEO-friendly. 

Ultimately, it’s the pin that does the entire trick. Your pins must be attractive, informative and engaging. To be successful on Pinterest, your pins need to be visited and viewed by more and more number of people. This makes it mandatory to have good pins with creative content.
Taking all these will increase the visibility of your Pinterest account and will help you get more visibility on the platform.

•   Attractive Pins

 Additional tips
Make sure you create a business account on Pinterest. It’s vital to have a focus on a particular topic, so choose your niche properly. Be specific; don’t be generic. Putting pins on versatile topics and niche can affect your ratings negatively. So choose a topic that interest you the most and about which you are passionate the most. As we discussed earlier, if the niche that you are interested in is travelling, focus on that only. Moving from the core topic or a core niche will hamper your website’s reach drastically. Nowadays, people are looking for something specific. They don’t have time to scroll down all your pins and see the one they are looking for. They want to be served with precise information rather than anything else. 

Now here comes the title. It’s very important to get a unique title for your board. Let’s say you selected travelling as your primary niche. Later, you can choose a more specific area in travelling, like adventure travelling, exploring the unexplored and best travelling destinations for couples can be nice titles for your board. Remember, titles must be very catchy and attractive. There are numerous subcategories available for your board. You can choose any one of them. You must also include some keywords in it. This makes users find you more easily. 

After posting pins, make sure to make them visible for your followers and others too, who are interested in the topic “travelling”. The referral links added to your pins will be visible to all, and when they click on it, you will get paid for lead generation if the model you have chosen is PPL. If you have chosen is PPS, then you will get a reward after the sales are made through your pin.

Once you take all these necessary steps and start working on Pinterest effectively, you surely can make some big financial gains! Obviously, it’s not an easy task, and it needs dedication and patience. Your account needs to be perfect, and you must put in a lot of hard work and smart work. You must maintain consistency with your pins and makes sure everything is perfectly placed and planed. 

When you have created yourself a great Pinterest account that is perfect in every way, followers will start pouring in. Remember, online popularity grows exponentially. Once you start getting visitors, the number of people following you will increase. The more followers you have, the more authority you will command. People are always looking for someone to follow. If you create a compelling presence, they will follow you. When you have a lot of followers and have a great command over them, they will listen and believe you instantly. This gives you the power to convince them to use any product or services you advertise. 

But don’t forget the primary rule, with great powers comes great responsibilities! Always try to be authentic towards your followers. Don’t endorse the brands that promise to offer realistic services and products. Because, if you start endorsing brands that offer fake promises, you are going to lose your followers and you do not want to lose your hard-earned followers, right?

So start working today on your Pinterest account and create a great opportunity for earnings!
In case you have any queries related to this piece of information, feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to assist you.