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How to get Instagram followers efficiently?

The number of Instagram users is steadily increasing around the world. One of the features of Instagram is the high level of user engagement. In particular, it has become one of the most important channels for apparel and cosmetics companies.

How to get more insfollowers on your account, read the methods below:

Have your account discovered

To get more followers, you must first get as many users as possible to find your account. There are several main routes for Instagram users to discover their accounts:

Access from the outside

External access is when users discover an account by being introduced to the mass media if it is a word-of-mouth, other SNS, or corporate account.

Access by tagging from influencers

When collaborating with an influencer, the influencer tags it so that its followers can recognize the account.

Access from recommendations

When you browse the timeline, “Recommended” is directly below the post at the top.

In this field, the accounts that are likely to be followed according to the user’s content browsing and follow status are displayed.

Access from posts

It is a route to reach the post from the hashtag and access (location information) attached to the post. You may also discover your account by looking at the posts from the Discovery tab (Search).

Access by approaching yourself

I like it for users who are likely to be interested in the corporate account they operate! It is a method to let the user recognize the account and discover the account by leaving a comment or comment.

See your profile and have them follow you

Even if the user accesses the account from various routes, the number of followers will not increase unless they are actually followed from there.

Each photo posted is of course important, but whether or not a user follows your account is determined by your profile page. Let’s check the points to make the profile page that users want to follow.

Determine a specific theme

First, decide on the theme (world view) of your account. Since Instagram posts are mainly images, you will inevitably post photogenic content, but if it’s just fashionable, it’s not OK. It is very important to unify the theme for each account, and how much you sympathize with the theme and how useful it is proportional to the number of followers.

Enter your profile without omission 

Once you’ve identified your theme, be sure to include an introductory text that conveys it. Be clear about who you are and what you’re posting on Instagram. Of course, the photos displayed in the list show the world view, but it is helpful to write it briefly so that the user can judge “whether it is what you want to see or useful information”.

Ingenuity in how to show photos

The profile page is the face of the account that represents the theme and world view of the account. As much as possible, avoid processing in which photos that you do not know what you want to express or convey are lined up or that do not have a sense of unity.


It is no exaggeration to say that Instagram will play a leading role in digital marketing in the future, as the content has diversified, such as the ability to post videos. In the future, rather than pursuing only the number of followers, the point will be to focus on the high number of followers and engagement rate and how to build good relationships with users.