How To Decide Which Trade Show Is Right For Your Product In 2020?

In 2020, we live in a world where every marketing activity is backed by automation and personalization. In such a scenario, choosing the right trade show for your product plays an important role in marketing your brand.

So, how to choose a trade show that goes best with your brand and the product you are willing to sell?

So, how to choose a trade show that goes best with your brand and the product you are willing to sell?

Scout The Market

The first step towards choosing an ideal trade show should always be a thorough research of the market you are operating in. Look for all the prominent trade shows and exhibitions taking place in your industry during the time that suits your requirements.

Go through the details pertaining to several shows, such as the date of the show, other trade show exhibitors taking part in the show, the location of the show, the footfall expected, etc.

Gather all these details and narrow down your options to get to the most ideal show for your product. Also, go with the trade show that is in sync with the personality of your brand.

Depending on your requirements, you can also foray into trade shows of different industries and not stick to the shows showcasing similar products.

For example, if you are planning to set up an exhibition show booth promoting your restaurant, you need not limit yourself to a food exhibition show. You can also set up your booth in a corporate trade show and still get sufficient traction.

Select Your Trade Show Type

It is important to choose an ideal trade show type to narrow down your search for the right trade show for your product. Broadly, there are two types of trade shows you can choose from – Consumer Trade Shows and Industry Trade Shows.

Consumer Trade Shows

As the name suggests, these trade shows aim at catering to the end consumers of different brands. Here, products and services are marketed to be sold to the ultimate consumers of the brands.

If your target audience includes these consumers, you can look for different consumer trade shows and go with the one that best suits your requirements.

Further, you can choose the trade show on the basis of your marketing goals, whether you are willing to launch a new product, drive more sales, improve your brand image, or other specific objectives.

Industry Trade Shows

These are the trade shows that are organized to cater to different businesses in a particular industry. The primary aim of these trade shows is to provide a platform for different market players to network and build connections.

Here, the end consumers are replaced by other businesses. If you are willing to check the pulse of the market and build a strong network by interacting with your industry peers, you should look for an ideal industry trade show that best suits your needs.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selecting A Trade Show

If you are faced with multiple options and it is getting difficult to choose the best alternative, ask yourself these questions and go with the trade show that is in sync with the answers:

Would you be the odd one out at the event?

Although it is not necessary to be a part of a trade show that only includes businesses of your industry, it is also not advisable to be a fish out of the water at the show. There is a very thin line between standing out from the clutter and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Imagine your exhibition show booth at the concerned trade show and see if it belongs there. If it doesn’t, move on to the next best option.

Does the event hold a good reputation in the market?

Never make the mistake of being a part of an event without carrying out a good background check of the same.

Check the history of a particular event, the word out in the market, and the reputation it holds for the attendees, sponsors, and the participating. Always remembers that the guests will associate the brands with the trade show and one’s reputation will definitely affect that of the other.

What is the purchasing power of the attendees?

Although it is not possible to be 100% sure about the purchasing power of the attendees, have an idea about the financial stats and spending capacity of the people that are likely to attend the concerned trade show.

If your motive is to spread awareness about your product/brand, you can do away with a show with a mediocre purchasing power of the attendees. However, if you are looking forward to driving more sales, go with the show where the visitors will be willing to spend more.

A Few Final Considerations

Once you have checked all the boxes pertaining to the factors discussed above, you should have a sound idea about which trade show you are willing to be a part of.

Here are a few final considerations that you need to make before going ahead and consolidating your decision:

Event Logistics

According to the products you are willing to display/sell at your exhibition show booth, event logistics play a very important role in choosing the right trade show.

Consider aspects such as installation and dismantling labour for the booth, shipping facilities for your products, and other logistical considerations before you zero in on a suitable option. Also, you need to be prepared for cancelling an otherwise perfect trade show due to a lack of proper logistics.

Cost Of Exhibition

You would never want to spend a considerably large portion of your budget just in setting up your booth at a trade show. Consider the cost involved in renting the space, paying the staff, tax payments, travel expenses, and all relevant costs involved in managing your booth at the trade show.

Never hurry in selecting the trade show for marketing/selling your products in 2020. The market is huge and the competition is intense. Play smart and do your homework thoroughly before you are ready to display your brand at the best trade show out there!

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