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How to choose your planet and how they affect you?

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The sign of the Zodiac is energy, falling into which any planet involuntarily plunges into it and is colored by its properties.

 But each planet also has its own energy that gives the planet its distinctive features.  If the energies of the planet and the sign coincide, then the planet is in a strong position.  For example Jupiter is included in the sign of Sagittarius.  This is the harmonious position, which is called “the planet in its Sign”.

And it happens that the planet enters the Sign with unfriendly energy.  Then there is a conflict between the energies of the planet and the Sign.  And the planet cannot manifest itself in its own way.  This position of the planet is called affected or weak.

The energies of unfriendly planets and signs are constantly in conflict with each other.  Hence the difficulties in people’s lives, and all sorts of unpleasant situations, and unforeseen circumstances.

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You, of course, at least once read about the 12 signs of the zodiac and are familiar with them in general terms.  Have you ever thought that we are not talking about a specific person, but only about the presence of the Sun in a certain Sign?

That is when someone says that he is Aries, it means that at the time of his birth, the Sun was in the sign of Aries.  But it’s been there for a month.  Doesn’t it seem strange to you that it turns out that the same people are born throughout the month?

During the day, some of the planets change their location.  Moreover, they can appear in different Signs.  And in each specific card, the same Signs are located in different Houses.  And from this, they acquire a completely different meaning.  For example, one person has a Moon in Aries, and another has a Moon in Pisces – these are absolutely different personalities.  If, moreover, one of these positions is in the Third House, and the second in the Tenth, then we are already talking about different areas of life.

Even if the planets are in the same Sign, but in different Houses (or in the same House, but in different Signs), this gives them  completely different content.

In addition, you already know that a person often does not belong only to the sign of the Zodiac to which he is used to referring himself.  And it also corresponds to the sign of the ascendant, from which the countdown in the chart of a single individual is conducted.

That is why people born on the same day with a difference of several hours (and sometimes even minutes) may be different in appearance, have different interests in life, and each in his own way earn a living.

How do zodiac signs affect the characters of people?  The answer to this question depends on the belonging of a particular sign to a particular element.  As you know, there are 4 main elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

People, in whose horoscopes the signs of the zodiacal belt are highlighted, included in the same trigone, have similar habits, psycho types, and temperament traits.

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are filled with metaphysical energy.  People of this trigone are initiative, self-sufficient, active, decisive, and able to escape from external manifestations.
  •   The element of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) is dry and cold, but at the same time stable.  Such people are pragmatic, categorical, and calculating.  They are not prone to opportunism and are often melancholic.
  •  The air trine (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) dominates the horoscopes of people who are distinguished by their sociability, desire for knowledge, flexibility, perspicacity, and activity.
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are distinguished by their metaphysical sensitivity.  People of this trigone are very impressionable, plastic, dreamy, prone to emotional experiences, and can be secretive.

It is worth noting that a person whose date of birth is within 3 days before the border between the signs may have some features inherent in the next zodiacal symbol.

It is worth noting that a person whose date of birth is within 3 days before the border between the signs may have some features inherent in the next zodiacal symbol.  This feature should be taken into account when drawing up horoscopes and considering the characteristics of people.

If a person is born on the first or last day of a zodiac sign, in order to figure out which of the two signs his character will be determined, one should know exactly the time of birth and the place of this event (characterized by coordinates of latitude and longitude).  Having received such data, one can understand how the Sun was moving at this moment.

 Description of the patron planets of the zodiac signs


The moon plays the most important role in the Cancer horoscope. This planet is distinguished by mystery, mystery and capriciousness. At times it can shine brightly, and at times it completely disappears. In Eastern philosophy, which pays great attention to the secrets of the soul, the moon is given a central place. Western astrologers, in turn, pay more attention to the sun.


The sun represents power. It patronizes Lions and reigns over wildlife.  Our luminary in astrology is considered the center of energy (physical and spiritual). 

 It is impossible to separate the Sun (father) and the Moon (mother).  They represent two factors of transformation.  At the same time, the Sun gives energy flows, and the Moon directs them.


Mercury is a contradictory message from the gods.  It is not difficult to find Jupiter, Venus, Mars in the sky.  If you try a little, then you can see Saturn.  It is much more difficult to observe Mercury, which appears for no more than 90 minutes next to the Sun.  Against the background of dawn, it looks like a small shiny dot.  

This planet is small in size and is close to the luminary, around which it revolves for 88 days.

Mercury provides detailed facts and information.  He personifies the process of acquiring knowledge as a transmitter of data from organs to the brain center of everything – the Sun, or an importer that collects commands from the nervous system and distributes them throughout the body.  

Mercury helps the Sun express its opinion to the world around it through gestures, conversations and writing.  It also controls the hands, lungs, and the human nervous system.  Patron of Mercury, Gemini, and Virgo.


Venus is considered the personification of the beauty of the solar system.  The planet influences a person, transferring to him such qualities as diplomatic resolution of conflicts, the desire to solve all problems peacefully, by negotiating.  Venus rules wealth and values, helping the human body to find balance and stay in it for as long as possible.

Venus is especially associated with the human thyroid gland, which can be seen even in the days of the ancient Greeks, depicting the goddess of fertility with an enlarged organ.  Venus influences the appearance: hair, skin, and also the kidneys.  Associated with pleasure and relaxation.

Venus protects love and kindred spirits. The goddess of fertility governs the continuation of the human race from the moment the egg is formed, from its development to the subsequent fertilization with a sperm.  The signs under the protection of Venus are Libra and Taurus.


Mars is a conqueror and warrior.  Mars favors muscle and exercise.  When talking about Mars, associations of heat, heat and passion immediately come to mind.  In the body, he is responsible for muscles, genitals, head, and also controls bile.  Patronizes Scorpions and Aries.


Jupiter, although formed by ephemeral matter, is the largest planet, therefore it has the right to rule.  Jupiter loves to do good deeds, is a symbol of fertility, development and purposefulness.  

Jupiter influences religious trends, philosophical and scientific theories and the entire worldview in general.  He helps those who set goals and seek meaning in life.  In the human body, it affects the liver and hip, as well as blood.  Patronizes Pisces and Sagittarius.


Saturn ranks second in the number of satellites, he has 17 of them. The planet can be perceived as a teacher who will show you the difference between illusion and reality, sensations and fiction.  Saturn is responsible for the structure of the skeleton, controls it.        

It also characterizes certain limitations and hardships, overcoming obstacles and finishing things.

Speaking of Jupiter, we mentioned development, expansion and increase, Saturn opposes itself, setting a framework.  Saturn restrains and slows down, takes the energy that the Sun so nobly gives.  Saturn is sobering, reminding that the life that the Moon gives is not eternal.

If Venus characterizes nobility, beauty and brightness, then Saturn indicates faded colors, gloomy and dark shades.  Mars, with its fiery character, is full of energy and health, while Saturn restricts it with its own rules.

The planet is in no hurry, gradually completing round after round for 30 years.  It is Saturn who is the leader of time, establishing a certain structure in people’s lives.  It has been noticed that for about 30 years, certain obstacles are encountered on a person’s life path, significant changes occur, and after 60 years everything repeats again.

Every person needs to learn a lesson in life.  

Saturn sobering people up, helping to put things in order, determine the values ​​of life, be patient and continue their life path again.  Patronizes Aquarius and Capricorn.


Uranus is truly strange.  Even it does not rotate like everyone else: Uranus seemed to fall apart on one side, since the axis of rotation is strongly tilted.  It takes 20 years for the polar night to change day here.

And the discovery of a celestial body happened in an unusual way, since it was discovered not by a scientist, but by a self-taught amateur.

As already mentioned, Saturn is characterized by frames, strict order and a realistic view of the world.  However, humanity has always strived to develop its intellectuality and morality, revealing the secrets of the Universe step by step.  It was at that moment when people most wanted to see what is inaccessible to sight, Uranus was found.  He is a symbol of the new and the unusual. 

People who show mental illness, or those who study similar ailments, are strongly influenced by Uranus.  The planet patronizes Aquarius, independence and aspirations for the new.


Neptune is associated with Jupiter, since both celestial bodies have giant spots, as if someone “marked” the planets.  In Jupiter, it is red, and in Neptune, it is dark, as scientists found out after the launch of the spacecraft to study the distant planets of the solar system.  Neptune rules everything unconscious, illusory and mystical.

The planet favors anesthesia, as this substance helps not to feel pain and creates hallucinations, as well as medicine in general.

Neptune has a connection with photography because it is a frozen reality, which is amazing in itself.  Neptune seeks to escape from the gray reality into a narcotic world of dreams and joy.

Patronizes Sagittarius and Pisces, people are either dependent on alcohol, or looking for spirituality.  Neptune governs chemistry, psychology, cinema, oil products, the unconscious, the supernatural.  He has been in the zodiac for about 14 years.


Pluto is the driving force that changes reality.  It contains unexplored energy, which can move continents, activate volcanoes, arrange powerful earthquakes and other natural disasters.  It characterizes the sexual and psychological side of a person, is responsible for magical phenomena.

Pluto is able to change and destroy everything and then rebuild.  Therefore, the creation of atomic and nuclear weapons belongs to him.  Pluto controls securities, money, luxury.  Patronizes the aspirations of a person to achieve their goals, regardless of methods.

Human relationships under the influence of Pluto become complex and difficult, they take energy.  Mostly jealousy and envy, greed and cunning, the desire of one person to subjugate another, prevail.

When Pluto is in a certain sign, it greatly affects the character of the person and his life.  Therefore, a person is faced with certain difficulties that can injure him or destroy a past life.  Pluto can rob a person of everything, and then open a new door with the unknown and interesting.