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How to Carry the Bike in the Car Correctly? Types of Bike Racks

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Carry the Bike in the Car Correctly

Now that outdoor activities have become more essential than ever, you may have wondered how to carry your bike in the car in a safe and approved way. There are different types of bicycle racks, although the most important thing to keep in mind is that their use entails a series of obligations set by the General Directorate of Traffic and the Highway Code. In this video they make the rules clear:

4. Types of bicycle racks

There are different types of systems to transport bikes without risk of accident and complying with all traffic regulations. The main systems are as follows.

Carry the Bike in the Car Correctly

1. Ceiling bike rack

It is indicated; above all, for light bikes that you can lift without much effort. Its great advantage is that it leaves the rear of the car free and gives you total visibility. It seems like a very good option, but you should take into account some negative aspects:

  1. It can affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle by causing rolling.
  2. Fuel consumption may increase due to increased wind resistance.
  3. The bicycle must always be well supported by straps.

2. Rear door bike carrier

Another way to solve the problem of how to transport the bikes in the car is the tailgate system. You can carry up to three bikes attached by straps. Their main advantage is the price, they are the cheapest. Instead it has some disadvantages:

  1. It can hinder your visibility.
  2. At night, the following vehicles may not see your lights.
  3. Once the bikes fitted, you will not be able to open the tailgate and have access to the trunk.

3. Hook bike rack

They are classified into two types: single or platform hitch. It also called “towball”, and if you have one it is recommended that you remove it when you are not going to use it.

  1. They install very easily.
  2. Even if the bikes are loaded, you can open or have access to the trunk.

4. Towing bicycle carrier

Arguably the most professional, since they make it possible to carry up to seven bikes at the same time. However, they are also the most time consuming, since you must install a roof rack on the platform. On the other hand, they will be very easy to load and unload.

How to carry the bike in the car without fine?

Now that you know the different types of bike racks, there is another aspect that you must attend to. Traffic legislation requires you to have a series of obligations when using them. Take note to avoid the corresponding fines.

  1. Good restraint of bicycles: You must carry the bicycles correctly installed. They well fastened so that they do not fall, move or cause other types of discomfort.
  2. Visible vehicle registration: In the event that you carry a bicycle rack that prevents you from seeing the license plate of your car, you must place an extra one that is well visible and illuminated. The correct place to locate it is the bike rack itself.
  3. Driver visibility: In some cases, the bike transport system will prevent you from seeing through the car’s interior rear-view mirror. In this case, you must install an exterior one, specifically on the right side of the vehicle. In general, all cars bring it but, in this circumstance, it is mandatory.
  4. Allowed measures: Regarding the width, the bicycle cannot protrude laterally from the ends of the car, it must not occupy more than the full width of the vehicle. If your bike occupies more than its width, you must remove the wheels, both the front wheel and the rear wheel. Regarding the length, it can only protrude from the rear and a maximum of 15% of the length of the vehicle.
  5. Indicate if the load protrudes: For this you have a standard callsign: the V-20 signal. In the event that the bicycle occupies the entire full width of the car, you will need to place a sign at each end.
  6. Weight Limit: If your bike rack is towing, there is a weight limit set by its manufacturer. The whole of the bicycle and the device cannot overcome it.

Now that you know the different ways to safely carry a bicycle in the car, you can go out on the road without any problem. You just have to follow the instructions above choosing the type of bicycle rack that best suits your needs and respecting the regulations. In addition, if you plan to cycle around the city, we recommend that you refresh the traffic regulations for cyclists. Avoid dangerous situations!