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How to Care for a 1 Gram Gold Coin You Bought for Investment Purposes?

How to Care for a 1 Gram Gold Coin You Bought for Investment Purposes

Buying 1 Gram Gold Coin for investment purposes is becoming quite common now. If you also like this trend, you should know that you need to handle gold and other precious coins with extra care. If you fail to handle or store them right, they might depreciate their value and lead to a loss of money. As a result, you won’t get the amount you expected when you sell the investment in the future.

To help you save from this potential pitfall, we have some tips on how to care for a  1 Gram Gold Coin you bought for investment purposes.

Store Them Right

The first thing you need to remember when it comes to taking care of any coin, be it a gold coin or a 1 Gram Silver Coin, is to ensure that you store them in the right manner. Make sure that you cover the coins with protective materials, don’t remove the packaging unnecessarily, and ensure that they stay out of the sun. Make sure that the storage area is as per specific and suitable humidity and temperature ranges.

Be Cautious with Cleaning

If you own a 1 Gram Gold Coin, you should know that pure gold is a very soft and malleable metal. So, it would help if you were very careful when cleaning them. If you use the wrong methods or products to clean gold coins, you might harm the finish, fine edges, and other useful details that make the gold coins stand out. Remember, if you are not sure about cleaning, don’t do it as many gold buyers agree that often a tarnished or dirty precious coin is worth more than a one that has been cleaned improperly.

Follow Proper Procedure

When it comes to cleaning gold coins, you need to follow a proper procedure. The first step is to clean your hand to get rid of all the dirt and germs that may transfer to your gold coins. Washing with soap and water or rubbing a sanitizer on your hands is the best way to clean them. Make sure that you dry them completely before touching the coins. The second step is to put on soft cotton gloves. Never use plastic or latex gloves as they have harmful lubricants and chemicals that may harm the coins. Cotton gloves help avoid fingerprints.

The third step is to pick the gold coins using plastic tweezers to ensure that you don’t damage a coin’s surface. Don’t use metal tweezers as they lead to scratching. The fourth step is to create a soft surface by using a soft cloth or towel to ensure that you don’t damage the coins if you accidentally drop them.

Avoid These Harmful Cleaning Methods

If you think that cleaning gold coins by using your breath or pitting on them is a smart idea, then you should know that it’s not as cleaning the moisture and other hidden materials (like food particles in saliva) can do more harm than good and are hard to get rid of. It is also wise not to use biological cleaning agents as they can damage the coins too.

Handle Them Properly

When picking up the coin, make sure that you use your fingers to hold the edges only, not the face of the coin, as it might mar the perfect finish of the coin. Fingerprints or oil residues that remain on the hands even after washing them can make the coins more unclean.

Be Quick

If you are cleaning the coins, make sure that you do the process in one go and quickly. Please don’t do it in parts or expose the coins to harmful elements like sunlight for more than the required time. Also, take the task seriously and don’t do it while doing other stuff like watching TV or cooking food.

Buy Smartly

To reduce the cleaning time and the need to clean the coins, make sure that you buy each precious coin, be it a 1 Gram Silver Coin or a gold coin from a reputed seller like The New York Gold Company. It will ensure that the coins are properly packed and can be stored as they are for several years.