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How This Unknown Star-Naming Company Is Changing The Worldwide Gift Industry

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Obtaining the perfect gift for your loved ones is never ever easy and never ever has been. And one of those people who are quite bad at picking out gifts is Arthur. Get additional details about

A few years ago, Arthur was seeking online for gift tips for his girlfriend. And as he is an individual who already has every little thing he was searching for any gift with far more which means or something which would show his girlfriend just how much he loved her.

Right after some hours he thought that he located the perfect gift: It was one of these “name a stargifts“ that is advertised on radio, Tv or online.

And if this was your typical story, he could just give the present to his girlfriend, she’d be satisfied and also the story would uncover a content ending.

But this really is not your typical story. Following putting an order and waiting for the starnaming gift to be delivered, Arthur was excited concerning the gift, and once it got delivered he instantly opened it.

And he was not happy at all with what he received. The starnaming company delivered some cheap-quality prints, no instructions and he felt scammed.

The company exactly where he bought his gift from also had no refund guarantee or return policy.

And as he was browsing for starnaming gifts at distinct companies he noticed some typical issues:

  • Most companies didn’t give excellent return policies in case the customer was unhappy
  • Most companies had been selling low-quality gift certificates
  • The named stars weren’t visible
  • And at times he couldn’t even uncover the star within the database

Therefore he had this concept and founded his personal star-naming company and star registry.

This can be Arthur Burghardt’s story, the founder of and with his „customer-first service approach he is building a new breed of customer-centric star-naming service.

At clients do not must wait weeks or months till they (perhaps) get a refund.

But they wouldn’t want a refund in mostcasesanywaybecausethequalityofInterstellarium’sstarcertificatesis high. Every certificate is printed on thick high-quality paper.

And of course, each and every star is visible and can be identified not just inside the night sky but also inside the International Stellar Database.

But you probably desire to understand how this story finished proper? Well let’s hear what he has to say:

„After all that trouble which I had together with the very first star-naming company I’ve decided to purchase a gift at yet another one which was providing „name a star gift boxes“.

I’ve decided to not be a cheapskate and paid greater than I had calculated so that I was 100% positive my girlfriend will be pleased. And yes, she was really, pretty pleased about her star“.

About Interstellarium: is definitely an online star-naming company and offers „name a star gift certificates“ with delivery towards the USA, UK andIreland, Australia, India and Canada. Their motto is: „Make Your Loved One’s Smile and Be Remembered Forever“.