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How long will it take for the new house to be renovated?

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Many people have all kinds of doubts and worries after renovating their new houses. How long will it take to officially move in?

From a scientific point of view, this is not a pure time issue, but a data issue. Because different houses have different concentrations of harmful substances, how long they need to be placed in order to move in cannot be generalized. This is something you’ll want to be sure to get right, as it can make or break the entire project so make sure to create a household essentials list.


1-3 years after renovation is the period of intensive emission of toxic gases. Decoration materials and furniture will emit a large amount of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, and most of them are strong carcinogens. Living in this environment is very easy to cause disease.

Among the culprits of decoration pollution, formaldehyde is the most serious. According to national standards, if the formaldehyde content is 0.2 mg/m3, it is considered mild pollution; 0.2-0.4 is moderate pollution, and 0.4 or more is severe pollution. Get Charles Bentley voucher code

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. The decoration materials and furniture that people use daily are the main sources of indoor formaldehyde pollution. Formaldehyde is highly toxic, and the World Health Organization has identified it as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance.

For formaldehyde, don’t just use everything, let alone be indifferent. If you suspect that the room is contaminated and you have moved into a new house, it is recommended that you take measures to remove formaldehyde as soon as possible.

At present, many people use activated carbon. Activated carbon mainly absorbs the volatilized formaldehyde through its own structure. Once it reaches saturation and the temperature rises, the adsorbed formaldehyde will be released again. A better method for removing formaldehyde is baalonite, with natural mineral materials as the main component. It is a new generation of air purification products with strong physical adsorption properties, which can effectively adsorb and decompose harmful gases in the air.

In addition, some people say that photocatalysts are useful, and I don’t recommend them personally. For this, you can refer to what the father of photocatalyst Akira Fujishima said. He was a specially invited foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a foreign expert from Peking University, and a famous Japanese photochemical scientist. He clearly stated that products such as photocatalysts require ultraviolet light. Without ultraviolet light, the effect of products is very bad and almost useless. Save money with Garden Naturally Discount Code

The plant-derived scavenger is sprayed directly on the pollution source to decompose and remove, which can accelerate the release of internal formaldehyde, and at the same time can decompose formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, and it is obviously different from other chemical sprays. It needs light and ultraviolet light, which is much better than photocatalyst. It is not a kind of sealant, and there is no secondary pollution. It is suitable for families with babies and mothers.